RELEASE HDMI Recorder source code for Zidoo X9

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9' started by Dylan, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. azidahaka

    azidahaka Member

    Since we are at it with questions...

    1)is it possible to have higher bitrate hdmi in recordings?
    2)Can we get other compression optimizations?
    3)Is it possible to get 60fps recordings?

  2. Scott

    Scott Member

    Not sure what system you had in mind but it would require a HDMI input just like this box does for starters . I would also imagine there is code in this app relating to the processor in this box which limits which box you would use also. Why not just use this box what is it missing that your other box has ?
  3. Dylan

    Dylan Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Yes, there is not HDMI pass through function in the system.
    I had told you that there two mothods to pass IN to OUT:
    a. Record into storage first, then play it. This is not real time.
    b. Encode HDMI-in in Transport Stream, send the stream to Video player with TCP/UDP.
    This method just in mind, we had not tested it before.
    And we beleive that it would meet some performance issue. Because encode and decode are running at same time.
    We have code of recording HIMD to TS and sending it by UDP. But this code is system dependent.
  4. Stefan Klarer

    Stefan Klarer New Member

    you have a code for recording HMDI to TS for Ziddo X9 ?
    When its real thats the solution for my problems.
    I have a pc with Kodi and when the x9 transforms the HDMI to UDP i can use the normal Timeshift Plugin from codi on my pc.
    Please make this app for us available.
    Nice Greetings.
  5. Yeahman45

    Yeahman45 Member

    anyone can add support for recurring scheduled recordings?

    is that even possible? I am surprised this has not been added yet after all this time.. I want to replace my current PVR device with the x9 but if it cannot do recurring recordings I cannot buy it
  6. Dylan

    Dylan Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Hi, rafabrasil85
    I am not sure about your perpose.
    If you want our apk to run on your devices, it cound work if the device is Mstar9180 inside.
    You can compile the apk yourself, then sign the system key, and install it.
    The release open source is work for any Device with Mstar9180 inside.
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  7. Dylan

    Dylan Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    The apk can not run on other CPU except Mstar9180.
  8. Dylan

    Dylan Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Trust me, it can not work. So don't do this stupid thing.
  9. Yeahman45

    Yeahman45 Member

    do you have any example to achieve this??
  10. Yeahman45

    Yeahman45 Member

    I am looking at the code but I can't find where the bespoke feature(scheduled recording) is found... I did a search "bespoke" but there is no instance found
  11. Yeahman45

    Yeahman45 Member

    ok i found the code for bespoke.. I want to implement recurring/daily recordings... I see that "bespoke" recordings get deleted each time they are "run".. if I just disable this deletion... hmmm ... it should do recurring/daily recordings right??? (seems too simple but I think it should work)
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  12. Dylan

    Dylan Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    recurring/daily recordings are not technical issue.
    You can modify code to meet these.
  13. Mafarricos

    Mafarricos New Member Beta test group

    What is the latest version of ZidooRecorder?
    On github is 1.3.3 but on latest ROM release there is the 1.3.8.

    Is 1.3.8 the latest, is there any place to see changelog of apk?
  14. azidahaka

    azidahaka Member

    Is there a way to change recording settings like framerate, bitrate, aspect ratio of recordings, lessening motion blur?

    Any of these would be massive improvements!
  15. Yeahman45

    Yeahman45 Member

    I sometimes get empty recorded video files (black screen or corrupted)..I must restart the device for it to work again.. not very convenient
    is there a line of code to "reset" the "capture card" directly in the app??
  16. Apoc254

    Apoc254 New Member

    I am not a developer of Android apps and do not know how to compile this source into an app. I have an issue with the app looking for the audio from the microphone on my remote control. Or any audio in ports installed via USB really. Is there some way I can adjust the source for this app to always only look at HDMI in for audio?
  17. flyingbaloon

    flyingbaloon New Member

    Hi , When we press the hdmi-in app we can see the preview of hdmi-in source . Can we make it to preview only 75 % of the screen instead of the full screen ? Is there a way to do this ?
  18. astral

    astral New Member

    I have tried all versions with the Tronsmart box.
    The video and sound is passed thru to my TV via the box, so there is no problem with the hdmi cable
    but the recording is video only with no sound.

    What is wrong.
  19. Apoc254

    Apoc254 New Member

    Your device found a different source to use the audio from. If anything you plugged in has audio pass through to your device, it records using that instead. I am not sure why... Try having your device turned on, then unplugging and re-plugging the hdmi in. It should switch back to that afterwords
  20. Yeahman45

    Yeahman45 Member

    I am working on a hdmi app with more advanced scheduling features like adjustable bitrate, recurring recordings, multiple schedules etc.. if you guys are interested let me know. But i will be honest, i am short of money atm if you can make a little donation that would help. Let me know guys if you are willing to donate a small fee for an app like this? Like $5 - 10

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