RELEASE HDMI Recorder source code for Zidoo X9

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9' started by Dylan, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. Dylan

    Dylan Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    As we promised before, we would release the source code of application created or modified by us, step by step.

    Now here is the hdmi reocoder for Zidoo X9.

    Have fun!
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  2. Stefan Klarer

    Stefan Klarer New Member

    At the first look at the source code, i have a question or two...
    Is it true that the hdmi in only record in max. 720p?
    The resolution 1080p or 4k are not supportet?

    Can you please give us a link to the mstar kitkat source code? Or a way how we find it be our selves (what mstar etc.) ?

    Nice greetings,
    Stefan Klarer
  3. Dylan

    Dylan Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    1080p is supported, tested by us. We had not tested the 4K resolution.

    We don't have the right to release Mstar Kikat source code. You can get it by business or other ways you can.
  4. Stefan Klarer

    Stefan Klarer New Member

    thx for info, on the search for the Mstar sdk, i found a video from another box with the mstar.
    At the end is see in the video the name "zidooRecorder".
    Do you have connections to Xtreamer?

    And now i am further trying to search the mstar sdk.

  5. Nikita

    Nikita New Member

    Xtreamer firmware may be by zidoo design
  6. uniquegodwin

    uniquegodwin New Member

    Can I capture the HDMI signal in my program and use it for streaming or other purposes other than storing it locally?
  7. Dylan

    Dylan Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    The answer is yes.
    Talk about your perpose.
  8. Bobo Hoban

    Bobo Hoban New Member

    Is there an option to change the record state from 720p to 1080p or is it auto set depending on the input, ie if 1080p is input will it record in 1080 or do I need to change an option ?.
  9. Stefan Klarer

    Stefan Klarer New Member

    Only for info, at the moment i have 2 contracts in programming, so i can first program the Kodi Plugin in 10/2015
  10. Dylan

    Dylan Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Hello, the video resolution depend on the input.
    How to get input resolution.? please refer to getVideInfo method.
  11. bharat

    bharat New Member

    How do we get the AUDIO to play only from the HDMI-IN feed ? I need the audio to be played from the HDMI-IN feed and not from the STORAGE video. Is there a way to do it ?
  12. superfly

    superfly New Member

    please send file .apk
  13. spring

    spring Guest


    * change the audio source
    * @param isHdmi
    * is the hdmi audio source?
    private void setAudio(boolean isHdmi)
    TvManager.getInstance().getAudioManager().setInputSource(isHdmi ? EnumInputSource.E_INPUT_SOURCE_HDMI : EnumInputSource.E_INPUT_SOURCE_STORAGE);
    } catch (TvCommonException e)
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  14. bharat

    bharat New Member

    I have tried this code and it is not working. I am running a video from storage, and the HDMI-IN feed simultaneously. BUT i am still able to hear the audio from the storage video and not from the HDMI-IN source.
    When there are 2 audio streams (1 from video playing in the storage, another from HDMI-IN ), the audio always plays from the storage video and not the HDMI-IN. I have used the following code but it does not work.

  15. spring

    spring Guest

    when you play the video, it will reset the audio source. so you sholud check the flow, if is the video play after the hdmi in show?so you should set it after you play the video.
    Maybe you can check it through "catch (TvCommonException e)"
    This code is ok,because we have been using it always.
  16. spring

    spring Guest

    Is it ok? If didn't, can you send me your source code?we can check it for you.
    my email:
  17. bharat

    bharat New Member

    This seems to work fine thanks.
  18. HRG

    HRG New Member

    I would like to know whether i can capture the incoming HDMI signal(a video ) and develop an android App which can process it (eg changing filters or some other stuffs ) and stream to HDMI out (a display tv or projector ) ?? Is it possible with Zidoo X9 ? do i need the source code of Mstar kitkat for any modification ??
  19. Dylan

    Dylan Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    As I know, you can not record HMDI-in signal and output it to HDMI-out at the same time.
    you can record HDMI-in into storage first, then play it to HDMI-out.
    Or, you can encode HDMI-in signal as Transport Stream and output it with network. This need TS knowledge and supporting by us or Mstar.
  20. HRG

    HRG New Member

    1) You mean that input from HDMI_in cannot directly stream to HDMI_out (Something like HDMI pass through ) ?
    2) Actually my plan is to pass a live signal from HDMI_in to HDMI_out & from Network to HDMI_out .
    3) If this is possible in Zidoo X9 , how can i proceed ?


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