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  1. what exactly am I looking for?
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    This is the site of HDMI org, all company legaly using HDMI are list. You can also find company not legaly using HDMI or the one who loose there adopter license.

    On the z page search for Zidoo, description of company and HDMI type (2.0 2.1 ) are list.

    This list is use by customs services.
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    For example in the terminated HDMI adopter you can find Dune HD, technically customs services can seize Dune product.
  4. Latest BETA firmware has HDMI in recording
    tested. Will record Video ok but no Audio recording through HDMI IN
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  5. Just Received this from ziddoo 2/1/2019
    Hi, friend

    We are sorry that X20 don't support HDMI in now, please wait for the nest firmware that will be release soon.
    There will be HDMI-IN recording function later.

    Best regards

  6. new reply from Zidoo
    Oh, sorry for misleading message.

    Just confirmed with engineers that HDMI -IN could record video and audio for new firmware now, but please note it could only record pcm audio.

    Best regards

  7. Has anyone tried playing a Blu-ray/dvd player or Camcorder through the x20 ?
    I am only getting picture no sound
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    Interestingly, Dune is on the 'other' list;

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