HDMI-CEC with Android 7.1 experiences

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    Did my HDMI-CEC tests with Android 7.1 and that finally looks a lot better:
    - Switching it ON makes my AMP switch automatically to the designated HDMI port automatically at Power-ON. For me that is the core functionality of HDMI-CEC as it avoids needing the bloody remote of the TV or AMP to do that manually. Especially TV's are nasty as these do this mostly via a menu and can't be programmed switching to the correct port assigning a single IR button on the Zidoo remote.
    - Automatic Power-OFF with my TV works too: TV OFF ==> AMP OFF ==> Zidoo OFF ==> ICY Box Docking Station OFF
    - One Touch play works too: Zidoo Play ==> AMP ON ==> TV ON
    - Automatic TV ON does not work for me. Does nothing with my setup.
    - IRDA set to IRDA or CEC does nothing for me. I expected at least Zidoo volume buttons to control the Volume of my AMP but they do not.

    For those not aware of it HDMI-CEC is integrally part of the Android OS directly and not implemented by the specific media player APP's. For that reason setup parameters are also to be found under Advanced Settings (=Android setup).

    The essential features do work for me with Android 7.1 OS. Took Android 3 OS versions to get there as it was launched with Android 5 OS. On this OS it was unusable even requiring a HDMI-CEC blocker with most media players using Android 5!

    Please share your results too when different, in conflict or otherwise interesting.
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    Well, in HDMI CEC chain the device with display is always main as we read in specs. So i try to use just a TV remote, especially taking into account that it's really cool (from Samsung 55NU8070)
    But i'm not so lucky as You. Turn on TV -> turn on receiver no more. Turn off TV -> turn off receiver and z9s if deep sleep option in developers section is turned on. But after that zido can be turned on just by its own remote. Not so great deal. I can guess that it's a one problem with Power apllication that hangs on my device.
    But good news is that navigating on z9s with samsung remote really works because Samsung knows zidoo and shows it in device list.
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