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HDMI CEC settings

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by Abel, Jan 15, 2016.


Are you using the HDMI CEC functionality with the Zidoo X6 Pro?

Poll closed Mar 15, 2016.
  1. Nope, why

  2. Yes, it works great

  3. Yes, working as designed but I'm still disappointing

  4. CEC what ?

  5. Yes, working as designed but I'm still not happy

  1. Abel

    Abel New Member

    Since yesterday I'm using the Zidoo X6 Pro. Great machine, super performance ! Very happy. especially with the new .30 Firmware upgrade.

    Sadly my problem stills occur. When I shut down my TV, my X6 shutdown or goes into sleep. Great. working as designed. But when I switch on my TV and/or switch to the correct HDMI connection it should turned on (Like it is happening with my Pulse CEC on WIN/Linux) or my Raspi.

    Can somebody help me with this, It is very annoying because now I still need to manually power on my box (what I mounted at the back of my television.)

    thanks in advance!
  2. DragonFly

    DragonFly Member

    It worked fine in 1.0.26 for me. Upgrading to 1.0.30 resulted in a HUGE delay and directional keys aren't responding as they should
  3. dorol

    dorol Member

    Same HDMI CHECK problem here.
  4. DarkCinema

    DarkCinema New Member

    Here same issue. Example in KODI: 2x Left 2x Right key results in: 3x Left 1x Right
  5. dmdrl

    dmdrl New Member

    same. powering on TV doesn't power on Zidoo x6. Using Easylink (Philips' HDMI-CEC)
  6. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Which HDMI cable are you using? The original Zidoo one?
    I'm not able to do this check in my environment, but my brother have a Android pendrive HDMI device, with the original HDMI cable, CEC was not functioning at all, so I bought one CEC certified, and now it's OK.
    P.S. My brother TV is a Samsung, on it you can see if a device is recognized or not entering in the AnyNet+ menu (Samsung CEC), if the device is shown, all is OK.
  7. dmdrl

    dmdrl New Member

    I'm not even tried original cable. I think it's not high quality one.
    I will try with my Samsung TV today. Thanks
  8. spring

    spring Well-Known Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    we will check this.
  9. neamielu

    neamielu Member

    My CEC problem was a bit different - I don't mind using the logitech k400 instead the tv remote, but I wasn't happy to stop the X6 with the TV, because I have some torrent jobs running in background. Fortunately enough, I found there is a setting on my tv (LG 47LA660) to keep CEC active, but not to shut down the device in the same time with the tv (CEC - enable / disable; power off - enable / disable)
    For the rest of things, yeah, the TV remote is not working quite right, there are apps where is not working at all. Forgot to test the magic one, but I don't expect it to work, anyway. Will be back if so.
  10. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    meamielu, so you mean that CEC is OK on your X6 (you TV see X6 through HDMI cable and, more or less, control it) , and you have solved your particular needs changing something on your TV, right?
  11. neamielu

    neamielu Member

    yes. also I confirm the „magic remote” works as well as the standard one, not as a mouse pointer in overlay, but with arrows and ok. also the back button is working.
  12. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    So X6 support CEC, as advertised.

    Sometime we needs some certainty!
  13. jbv

    jbv Member

    On my older Samsung Plasma (B Series), The Samsung sees the X6pro as a CEC device when the X6 is powered.
    When the X6 is in Standby or Off, it does not. I can only guess that when in StandBy the X6 does (or can not) reply (if the Samsung is even probing it).

    Perhaps this requires the TV/Monitor to remember what CEC devices are where and it then tries to wake the up, which may be what the newer LG set is doing...
  14. luca

    luca New Member

    So... My experience:

    X6 pro with hdmi cec to my videoprojector hdmi cec.

    NOT POWER OFF (blue light).
    Dont work also to power on (from no light to blue light).
  15. nice159

    nice159 Active Member

    Samsung TV. Only standby mode (red). No power on or off..
  16. Arctic Ace

    Arctic Ace Member

    SONY's HDMI SEC works fine when Zidoo's LED is BLUE, but should HDMI CEC feature be able to start Zidoo even when Zidoo's led is RED or powered off? My Sony TV is able to see and start Sony BluRay on standby mode (powered off), so should this work also with Zidoo? Tested in Zidoo v1.0.30.

    Any comments?
  17. dmdrl

    dmdrl New Member

    having so many concerns with regard of Zidoo x6 CEC feature, it would be highly appreciated if Zidoo team have a look and send update to this topic.

    Thank you in advance.
  18. jbv

    jbv Member

    Hi Arctic Ace,

    The difference is that when Zidoo X6 is turned off, it is really turned off. X6 uses special circuitry to power-down (turn-off) that would also turn of the HDMI CEC.
    Your Sony BluRay does not fully power-down in standby, which is why it can wake-up using CEC

    Early implementations of CEC like in my older Samsung Plasma can not turn on devices using CEC, it can only turn them off.
    Much of what you can and can't do with CEC is very much dependent upon your TV/monitor.

    CEC is a bit of a mess, just like DLNA.
    They are two standards that are not really standards.
    You get to use the logo by paying a royalty fee with no testing.

    My Samsung devices from same generation (same release date) both do CEC and DLNA differently.
    Things have got better now, but only be a little bit.

    PacoRabanne likes this.
  19. Arctic Ace

    Arctic Ace Member

    Thanks, do you know that should HDMI CEC be able to start X6 Pro, when the LED is RED (so when it's not fully turned off)?
  20. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Seems plausible, when led is red X6 should be in stand-by state, so SoC should be powered.
    But only Zidoo team can confirm this...

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