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    Good afternoon. I bought the prefix zidoo z10 pro (previously owned x10 which already had openwrt installed) Please tell me how to manage the hard disk settings now (formatting, choosing a file system, etc.) And how to set up a torrent download? Previously used the "Transmission", downloaded it from the "Google Play Market", when I try to set it up and indicate path hdd, informs the hard drive is write-protected, also with torrent "Flud"
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    why did you remove openwrt?
    why it was impossible to immediately embed a torrent download into the firmware as it was in earlier versions, so as not to suffer now with an attempt to find a working torrent client
    how to format the disk now? how?
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    I had to give root rights with Magisk, and install Entware on top.
    All other torrent downloaders gave an error when saving files or specifying the path to the hard drive to save files, which is not enough rights to save to the hard drive.
    Tell me, why do I have to do all this when buying a new TV set-top box?
    Why doesn't this work out of the box?
    Why by default in the firmware there is no torrent downloader with the necessary rights, which will have the rights to save files to the hard drive?
    Why didn’t the developers put everything necessary by default for the console to work comfortably?

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