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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9' started by DragonFly, Jul 30, 2015.

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    But I'm still stuck at because of an firmware discrepancy >, causing errors in some streaming addons in Kodi. Especially in the Veetle addon, which is needed for correct operation of other streaming addons.

    I have mention this in but is still present in firmware

    I have add two Kodi log files (renamed to .txt). One with the error ( and one without ( On both occasions Kodi is fresh installed with only the veetle addon. Only the firmware is different.

    I noticed that in working Kodi on firmware "XBMCLocalProxy Starts -" is present. On higher firmware it is not. This is invoked by (which is the main error) Perhaps this is the cause, perhaps it is something else. But no matter what, the Kodi system remains the same. It's the underlying firmware that causes an error.

    Developers, please try yourself. If given you plenty of information to work with and correct this error!

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    Dear DragonFly,
    As I know informed, the kodi with 1029 and 1036 have no difference. They are the same kodi.
    I'm talking with project team, we could provide kodi for download .
    In other hand , we 'll test this problem in the first.
    Thank you for your help!
  3. freeroc

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  4. DragonFly

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    Thank you for your interest!

    However, It's not Kodi itself. Also it makes no differences if it's the 'Zidoo' Kodi (which can be extracted from the firmware) or the original 'Kodi' Kodi.

    Just test it two factory default boxes, one with 1.0.29 an one with 1.0.36. Both with the same factory default Kodi and only the veetle addon installed. After that try running the Addon, watch the results and look at the logfiles.

    After investigating and If you have the same results as me, I'm curious to know what exactly causes the error
  5. DragonFly

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    Interestingly, for testing purposes, I installed the latest firmware from the Zidoo counterpart, the Xtreamer Prodigy 4k.
    Probably sharing most of the same source, the Xtreamer developers must have done something right because the Kodi Veetle addon runs without error, even on their newest firmware. This is using the same Kodi 4.1 RC.

    After testing I re-flashed the Zidoo firmware. While the Xtreamer and X9 have a lot in common, the Xtreamer firmware does not support the X9's LAN-connection and the remote
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    Okay ,

    is it possible to install Xtreamer Prodigy 4K software to Zidoo X9 ???
  7. DragonFly

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    Yes, and it runs fine. However, It's not for everyday use! There are some major drawbacks though:
    • Ethernet connection does not work
    • Remote does not work
    • Some of the software crashes (explorer, music player)
    Zidoo, Xtreamer , Tronsmart (Pavo M9), Kaiboer (F5) and perhaps some others share much of the same source code and are compatible. Haven't figured out who the main initial developers are, but it looks like Zidoo. Others just adapt theirs. For instance in the Xtreamer firmware has the same translation errors as the Zidoo one and the 'vfdservice' also runs whilst the Xtreamer does not have a VFD. The Tronsmart firmware even uses Zidooxxx.apk (ZidooUI.apk, ZidooRecord.apk).
  8. freeroc

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    We will rebuild kodi. and fix it.
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  10. Scott

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    Do you have an Approximate date for Kodi to be updated to ver 14.2 or 15 ? or have you started testing with it yet ?
  11. hajali

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    Can We do the opposite since xtreamer guys dont update their software and their recording doesnt sync the audio with video can I install zidoo firmware on the xtreamer prodigy 4k
  12. hajali

    hajali New Member

    so ... can we do so?

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