File play stops intermittently just once in a session

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X20' started by sussexmat, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. sussexmat

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    Have hunted around the net and not come across this specific problem, so maybe I'm the only one.

    Randomly and intermittently, a few minutes into a file play I can get a greenish blank screen and the message 'Cannot play this file' using the Zidoo internal player, up until now. If you return to the file, it will then play perfectly all night on any file you try, including the one it failed on first time. This is extremely intermittent, as you can play the same files every day, all day and it may happen just once in a week.

    At first I thought it was network dropout (NAS), changed from ethernet wired to wifi and it happened the following week once. So, put a totally different set of video and audio files on an HDD to put internally into the X20. Some days later, after playing the same files over and over with no problem, it happened again on the internal HDD.

    None of my files give me a reading problem on my Dune HD smart D1, Dune Duo 4k or my Oppo 203.

    I have checked any file that has failed to play right through, back on iMac with MediaInfo and BitrateViewer and not seen a problem with them. Also this is random and a different file each time, plus hitting play again, it will then play perfectly all night and is rock solid, even if you try and throw it by skipping back/forwards with no problem. Once it's errored once in a evening, it's perfect all night after that. For the first time in weeks, ZDMC also stopped playing an mp3 music file (no message) for no apparent reason.

    Most of my files are H264 MP4 HD, but it's now happened on an SD MPEG plus MP3 music, with no network involved at all. Even checked the mains power was OK, just in case.

  2. sussexmat

    sussexmat New Member

    Found this on the Site
    X20 Firmware Update v1.2.28
    2. Fixed random crash problem when playback video

    That sounds like my problem apparently Fixed, but my X20 came with v1.2.29, one version on from the apparent latest, which doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere.

    Have I not got the version intended for it, anyone know?
  3. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member my knowledge the 1.2.28 is the latest "non-beta" FW that was released for the x20. The 1.7.8 from October is labeled as a BETA FW and needs soem massive rework before it can leave the beta status.

    Before updating you need to confirm that you have the correct FW, there is also an identicar revision number for the x20Pro.
  4. sussexmat

    sussexmat New Member

    Thanks Reelyator. Strange one this, as my X20 came boxed with 1.2.29 and apart from one user I found with an X20 Pro, not come across 1.2.29 anywhere. Although tempted to force Install 1.2.28, I haven't touched it and will leave it as is until the next non Beta.

    Strangely enough, since I posted this problem, my X20 must have seen it as a threat, as it's behaved itself, LOL.
  5. Hi
    Mine came with 1.2.29 from Futeko. 1.8.2018 No problems
    Have now updataed to v1.7.8 Android 7 No problems
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