Feature Request on Z series H.T.v2

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    DELUCAS Active Member

    Able to play whole media files one after the other on say a video collection of an artist .

    Long click on Blue play icon with option [ to play all videos in collection ]

    Unless there is already an option ?

    DELUCAS Active Member

    8E5F6164-50EA-4D59-9201-5ADC1CB35FCD.jpeg Feature request on H.T.v2 more icons showing formats and different audio etc
  3. akan7

    akan7 New Member

    5x icons is perfect as it is now, do we really needs Screen Ratio, speakers config, etc.? Sometimes too much can become a mess .

    We could do with (Dolby-Atmos) and (DTS-X) added to audio Badges

    Maybe have options to use the 4K/3D labels from the control in poster preview like in (pic 3)

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  4. akan7

    akan7 New Member

    Just set Play Mode to Repeat All. To play all media files .

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    DELUCAS Active Member

    Never use that menu as alays use a Nvidia shield remote
    James Stewart ?

    Trouble is i can have a movie and apart from showing its 1080p and 23. Thats it as such
    Any inf boxes is a bonus Dolby Digital and Dolby + /. True HD
    The more the better .

    I only at times have two or three boxes showing plus if it cant tell audio format a speaker showing Stereo speakers as some old movies are only in mono or stereo .

    So we do need inf boxes and Dolby Atmos and the rest .
  6. akan7

    akan7 New Member

    Ok. Once set to repeat all, will repeats everything in that folder menu

    Yes, it's a wonderful Life.

    I just remux with the best audio available for me, Atmos, DTS-X, Dolby True HD, DTS MA etc.
    Sony 1080 receiver set to AFD Auto.

    DELUCAS Active Member

    Yes i get the Dts Hd master box displayed but i want the rest Dolby Digital Plus etc and stereo for old movies ......

    It will be a nice additive for H.T.v2 poster wall and if done nicely will look good .

    The other box makers do display it also .
  8. Miguel Ramos

    Miguel Ramos Member

    It should be possible do delete a file/movie directly from the HT 2.0!
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  9. steve m

    steve m New Member

    yes you can do this in kodi and make getting rid of unwanted movie easier
  10. steve m

    steve m New Member

    I am on firmware 2.1.40 and would like to see

    1-- more info on actors
    2 -- only show what movies an actor is in and not directing .ect in the actors bio
    3 -- show all movies for a particular actor in your collection , think this is messed up at the moment and does not populate properly
    4 -- A better search function at the moment if you enter TH for lets say THOR you are getting TH any where in the movies name which could still leave you sifting through lots of movies unless you enter the full name.
    5 -- Remove your favourites movies from the top and just leave in the side menu, at the moment the favourite movie covers are larger than the standard covers and I think they look over powering .

    and what would be very nice would be a voice search function
  11. akan7

    akan7 New Member

    you can do this using Media Center to delete file/movie.
    Select the film/select delete from the right side menu.

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