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Discussion in 'ZIDOO H6 Pro' started by jjjackson, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. jjjackson

    jjjackson Member

    I just finished sending a reply email to Zidoo service explaining and showing a desktop picture of the google problem.

    Perhaps a few more emails IMG_0088.JPG to might help our situation?

  2. jjjackson

    jjjackson Member

    After a couple of back and forth emails to Zidoo Support this is the suggestion they gave me.

    Thanks for your information and have you tried to uninstall google play store and install it again?
    Wonder problem happens again after you install google play again?
    Here we support you an apk to download google play store:
    Hope it could help you.

    I've downloaded and installed the Gapps Installer. Next I uninstalled Play Store and reinstalled it by holding the OK button. I'm sure it will take a couple fo days to see if the problem is solved.

    Please post what happens when you try it.

    I'm wondering if anyone from Zidoo even looks at this forum?
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  3. jjjackson

    jjjackson Member

    Problem came back, so back to the emails.
  4. jjjackson

    jjjackson Member

    Customer support has given me a beta firmware to test. I'm quit busy the next couple of days, so it may take awhile to do much with it.
  5. Mike Kay

    Mike Kay Member

    well everything else aside i am pleased to see there IS a new firmware even if it is in beta...... hopefully it will be a fully featured one and not one which only fixes 1 thing like .36 was.
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  6. jjjackson

    jjjackson Member

    I had some problems with the beta firmware for a day, but I haven't had any problems since. Will update more in the next few days. BTW, the version is 1.0.37.

    Don't know about other problems, but .37 is working well for me with the Google problem. They are serious on supporting the product and I will talk with them about other problems when this one is solved.
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  7. jjjackson

    jjjackson Member

    Update: I'm still working with the beta firmware. I'm finding the same Google Play problem still shows up sometimes, but it is less consistent. I'm still in constant contact with Zidoo support and I'm feeling they are doing there best to solve the problem.

    Please be patient.
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  8. bonbag18

    bonbag18 New Member

    Where can I get access too version 1.0.37 ?
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  9. jjjackson

    jjjackson Member

    1.0.37 is still a beta, but you can do what I did and contact Zidoo support and ask them. I suggested they release it as a beta, use at your own risk, but they have not as yet and it's not up to me to give it out.

    It still isn't the final fix yet. There are still problems with it, but it's better then 1.0.36 on the Google Play problem.
  10. DrBahique

    DrBahique New Member

    Hi, any news about this Firmware?? Thanks
  11. bonbag18

    bonbag18 New Member

    Nothing at this point of time. You can contact Zidoo support as there is a beta (1.0.37) version they are still working on. Which I was told they can supply you.
  12. Majorasshole

    Majorasshole New Member

    Well, Google Play problem is gone for long in my case since I use Aurora instead, with a nice overall stability.

    There's some issues that can be checked nonetheless, like Kodi 18 official RC compatibility (forks like WBMC 18 RC 1 run flawlessly , so there might be some problems related to Allwinner Android Devkit used by Ziddoo on the targetted API used by Kodi devs), and some difficulties related to the embedded player with Samba protocol > 2.0. I personnaly don't care about mediacodec autoframerate by the way.

    Netflix embedded version is overall still efficient with a robust 1080p output, but an updated version might be more convenient at some point (nav shortcuts during playback are minimal), since KODI 18 addon could be a mid term solution to ensure a robust support of Netflix with L1 DRMs properly supported. I should have a try with WBMC one day I got time to try.

    So, if Zidoo is fixing few things with a fresh firmware, they should take time to release something more complete than 1.0.36 if it worth the wait.
  13. Jubair

    Jubair Member

    Totally agreed. Its been quite a while we have been waiting and currently we have a method to avoid play services problem. Zidoo should take some time to make a stable firmware with new apps such as posterwall 2.0, music player 3.0 and fixing major bugs.
  14. vitocorl

    vitocorl Member

    Two months ago, i contacted zidoo service and they gave me this exact firmware to try (1.0.37), which of course did not solve the problem. After my furious answer to them, they denied to contact me anymore, their exact words were:
    "I will just ignore your e-mail rather than listen to your toxic complaint and even threat. We are keeping up the update and sorry we are not larger like Google company but we are developing other products with better function base so that we could easier solve any issues our customers had"

    As you can see, they are not going to release a new firmware, in fact they have abandoned this unit because "they are developing other products with better function base so that we could easier solve any issues our customers had"

    In fact they are saying, we tricked you to buy this product but we are not going to support it because we have other better, more expensive products to support. Talking about professionalism....
  15. jjjackson

    jjjackson Member

    Perhaps you're right, but I'll give it sometime. If I'm wrong I'll be the first to start posting on many many forum, including Amazon.
  16. jjjackson

    jjjackson Member

    I've been told I will receive an email when the new firmware comes out

    I'm holding my breath. :)
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  17. Jubair

    Jubair Member

    and it will take eternity...
  18. jjjackson

    jjjackson Member

    My face is starting to turn blue. :)
  19. Mike Kay

    Mike Kay Member

    i have been taking a look at this and i am getting ever closer to cracking....... it is around $220 but of course there is the risk of getting stung for import tax as i cant find a uk seller.

    it has 4xusb (2xusb3) 64gb storage, and everything i can think of that one would need for a small media box and it runs windows so should be good to run just about anything properly.

    my only concern is that it is not passive.... i would like to hear one.
  20. jjjackson

    jjjackson Member

    So far my emails with Zidoo customer service have been something just short of a joke. I get the feeling that Zidoo doesnt think customer complaints have much to do with sales.

    Chinese New Year starts on January 29 and lasts for at least a week. That means that Zidoo and most of China will be shut down. If we don't have a new firmware to solve the Google Play problem, I will have some suggestions on posting on Zidoo YouTube reviewers sites.

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