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Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z9S' started by skywalker1978, Jan 16, 2021.

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    When I am watching movies with an Atmos track and I go to the playback menu of my Z9S it shows Dolby TrueHD as the best option. I have never noticed showing Dolby Atmos. Both audio formats are different but I assume Atmos is the better of them. Is the Player playing True HD even tough the audio format of the movie is Atmos or it just shows True HD and plays atmos?
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    I'll tell you more. I have never seen the player indicate that it is playing DTS X during playback. Although the receiver displays the incoming signal correctly. Many DTS-HD MA tracks are displayed by the player as simply DTS. Movies with 96 or 192 kHz sound on the player are displayed as 48 kHz.
    I wrote in support about this, but they didn't answer anything.
    True, I have Z1000, but I think the difference is not great.
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    Atmos is contained in a TrueHD wrapper so this is correct.

    If you play an Atmos track and the Zidoo is set to bitstream audio and you have an Atmos capable amp (set up for Atmos!), the amp will extract the Atmos data from the TrueHD stream.
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    Thank you very much for explenation! :)

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