Do not see switching to HDR mode on my LG TV

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by modimu, Apr 9, 2021.

  1. modimu

    modimu New Member

    Hello! Sorry for my english:oops:
    I have old 65UF860V LG TV because I love 3d.
    For playing 3D films Zidoo is good.
    But when I`m trying to start 4K video with Zidoo Z9X from my storage I do not see switching to HDR mode on my TV.
    And when I`m trying to play the same 4k film directly with native LG player, I see switching message on TV.
    Why Zidoo do not switch my TV to HDR mode? Do I see real 4K on my tv without this message?
  2. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    Try info button on Zidoo remote. It will show you source file and what it sending to the screen. It's pretty accurate.
    If your source is 4K HDR and and signal to TV is in HD you probably have some handshake issues or HDMI cable problem.
    Check if you can force it in Zidoo. Disable auto resolution and lock it to 4K.
  3. modimu

    modimu New Member

    When I start video playback at the upper left part of the screen 2160p 23Hz appear. Info shows output mode: 3840x2160p @ 23 Hz yuv444 12bits itu 709
    But no HDR message from TV
  4. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    It is 4K SDR and not HDR. Maybe cable or other EDID handshaking issues. Run direct cable from Zidoo to TV outside of receiver and try again.
  5. modimu

    modimu New Member

    I did it and unfortunately I`m still having the same result. And I noticed that in EDID menu there are some regimens of 4K and messages that DV not support, HDR not support, 3D support. Maybe there are any ways to enforce Zidoo to send HDR signal?
  6. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

  7. modimu

    modimu New Member

    Thank you
    I will try
  8. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Are you sure that is a model with HDR? Seems like a standard 4K TV to me.
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  9. Mariusz

    Mariusz Active Member

    Well, does this TV support HDR?
  10. modimu

    modimu New Member

    Hello! No, officially HDR is not supported. But I have additional settings - HDMI Ultra HD Deep Color and in some sources they describe it as HDR function. Nevertheless I saw message about HDR is turning on at the screen when trying to play 4K movie by native player via USB or DLNA. And I was confused because no messages about HDR fro my tv when I`m trying to play 4K video with zidoo
  11. paresh

    paresh Member

    My TV is standard 4K screen, before the 6.2.0 FW update HDR used to automatically kick in while playing 4K movies (HDR option in the Zidoo settings is auto). Unfortunately, the same is not happening since 6.2.0. The only way to bring HDR into play is by selecting a compatible EDID setting but then the picture quality looks washed out almost as if I'm watching a Black & White movie. Moreover, then the output resolution drops to 1080p from 2160, whereas DV can be triggered in while selecting from the list of DV options. We still do not have the liberty to force or by pass HDR option while playing 4K, even though the info in the movie poster (cover art) says the 4K movie is HDR compatible.
  12. modimu

    modimu New Member

    Unfortunately I`ve got an answer from LG support:
    I have had a look into this for you and am keen to assist. I can confirm that HDR is not being displayed, as the TV’s HDMI ports do not support this. In order for HDR to be supported, the TV must have the physical HDMI 2.0a ports, and as your TV only has 2.0 this is not supported. There is no firmware or software that can amend this, as it is entirely down to the hardware of the TV.
  13. ulna68

    ulna68 Active Member

    They wrote you crap, Dolby vision which is an extension of hdr10 is supported from hdmi 1.4b !!! So the LG website is misleading you
  14. DaMacFunkin

    DaMacFunkin Active Member

    Dolby Vision is a example of HDR10 but it used 12 bit which through hacks and wizardry can use HDMI 1.4
    HDR10 is 10bit and is pegged at 2.0a, whilst there are 8bit displays in the wild that are HDR10 compatible the physical input needs to be 2.0a.
    Some manufacturers where able to add this support back in the day via firmware or connect box upgrades, now why would they add support to a 5 year old unit?
    Sorry, if you want the bells you will have to buy a new whistle.

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