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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9' started by greyhound1racing, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. greyhound1racing

    greyhound1racing New Member

    hi just bought this box delighted so far, question for you all, can i shut down the sys tem and just leave clock display on, or will system still be on in background, havent found a way to do it yet , hope you can help. cheers. Michael.
  2. warren_wh

    warren_wh Active Member Staff Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Very glad you have x9, questions about shut down system and keep the clock, I'm sorry can't be implemented.Because the clock display is rely on the system, thank you!
  3. greyhound1racing

    greyhound1racing New Member

    many thanks for your reply warren, would it be normal to leave system running in background , while watching an other channel, in order to have clock display on or better to shut down machine?? michael.

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