Deciding between the x20 and x20 PRO

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1296)' started by wexy21, Feb 28, 2019.

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    I've been reading through here and other forums to find out as much as I can between these players and would like some input from you guys who have been using them. I have a pretty decent av system and listen to a lot of 2ch music. My system consists of a pre-pro setup and just a couple sources: Marantz AV7704 processor and three amps, Mcintosh MC2300 powering my two fronts which are Infinity Kappa 9s, Rotel 5ch and H/K 5ch for my surrounds. I just upgraded recently to enjoy Atmos and DTSx.
    Right now my media player is an old Uebo, which, I've enjoyed but it is by no means a hi end player. My Marantz does NOT have XLR inputs (you get that with the 8804/5/6) but that will most likely be my next big purchase in a few years.
    I want to know if the x20PRO is going to be a noticeable difference by using its internal DAC and going from RCA to my Marantz, versus using the HDMI?

    Also, my home theatre is both a projection screen that comes down over a LCD tv. SO I would like to figure out the best combination to connect the ZIDOO to both as well as my Marantz. Since the ZIDOO has an audio HDMI out and one that does both aud/vid, I'm trying to wrap my head around what the best way is to hook it up.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Here my two cents:
    With your high-end setup using an external DAC for stereo makes a lot more sense to me till native DSD output is included with the included Music Player 3.0 APP.

    You won´t be able to hear the difference between RCA and XLR (with quality cables on short distances). My DIY-kit DAC will not produce any audible sound even with the volume at 100% during a pause using RCA (yes it has XLR too but my AMP does not).
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    Thanks, I read your post and learned a lot from it. I'm not going to be getting an external DAC (just yet) so I was really just interested in knowing if I would experience a difference in the sound quality between the two. The DAC they are using in the PRO is enticing. On paper it should be just as good as a lot of other audiophile grade DACs and with my setup I would think there would be an improvement. My Marantz also has a well built DAC, so my main concern is spending at extra $200 on the PRO and not really getting much if any improvement.

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