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Discussion in 'ZIDOO H6 Pro' started by Patrick Park, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. Patrick Park

    Patrick Park New Member

    After I bought H6 Pro, I tested Netflix using given Netflix apk by device (Netflix apk looks ver 4-16.1 b200147 given by firmware 1.0.13) but movie is played in 1280x720, 24fps only, not fhd (1920x1080). And so I upgraded the firmware to version 1.0.20 but same resolution.
    As far as I know, H6 Pro supports Google Widevine DRM level 1 as screen attached I took capture from H6 Pro using DRM Info application.
    I tried both wifi 5G (my speed is more than 70Mbps) and Ethernet using lan cable (my speed is more than 300Mbps) and it looks enough to get FHD Netflix movie. My monitor resolution is 1920x1080 and other android devices such as Shield TV, M8S Pro L, M8S Pro Plus can play FHD Netflix well.

    The reson I bought this device is to play FHD (or 4K) Netflix movie.
    Please tell me what is the problem and how should I do to get FHD Netflix movie.
    And as other user mentioned, I cannot get full control in Netflix screen using remote controller, ex, cannot move/select MENU item located in top right corner.

    PS:I attached screen capture of DRM info from H6 Pro screen.

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  2. mitchell4you

    mitchell4you Member

    why upload a 10mb screenshot?
    why not use shield TV if you own one?
    where did you read that this device could play 4k Netflix ?
    if you bought it for 4k Netflix well.. i would suggest returning the tvbox to reseller

    to play HD Netflix you need a certified device and hdcp 2.2 compatible TV/monitor
    ( see Netflix for list)

    to get HD Netflix some modding might be needed (see xda)

    for the remote.. click on mouse icon/button to navigate ( on remote..see also manual)
    or better use a wireless mouse or airmouse

    I'm more concerned about Google play updating it self
    followed by: not being compatible with device
    (factory resetting app works.. but that's not newbie userfriendly)

    Well...the are on vacation.. (till 23) hope it gets fixed
  3. manik

    manik New Member

    The box can play 1080p normally with it's own factory fitted Netflix app. Just don't update it. Is your Netflix plan the full (UltraHD) version?
  4. Patrick Park

    Patrick Park New Member

    Hi, Manik
    thanks for your comment. I also expected it should play 1080p for Netflix and that's the reason I bought H6 Pro. However, when I received the box, I installed factory fitted Netflix app (very first time, when click Netflix app, it is installed) but only play in 1280x720. The firmware in initial box is v1.0.13 and I upgraded to v1.0.20 but same situation.
    So, I tried a few latest Netflix app from Google Play and Aptoide site but it doesn't work as I wanted. Finally, I performed hardware reset using pin hole and it became v1.0.13 firmware and tried again with default Netflix app given and upgraded to v1.0.20. All situation, I cannot play Netflix in 1920x1080. (I am using HDMI cable given by H6 Pro and my monitor supports 1920x1080. Also, my Netflix service is UHD license and I tried both wifi internet and cable internet which speed is more than 70 mbps to get FHD Netflix enough.)
    Very tired to try H6 Pro device... Before I bought H6 Pro, I've been using Shield TV and Xiomi box 3 and they play well in FHD.
    I am wondering what I should try more..
  5. kaneda79

    kaneda79 Member

    @Patrick Park May I ask you why to give up on Shield TV? I was thinking to return H6 Pro for 2017 version, but before to invest double the price, I'm looking for opinions about it. What's yours?
  6. Patrick Park

    Patrick Park New Member

    Hi, Kaneda79
    I am still using Shield TV now and it is a best android TV at the moment in my opinion even if high price. Very stable and high performance movie play!! If you buy first android TV, no doubt about that you should buy Shield TV first.
    I am using Shield TV in my living room but I wanted to buy another android TV boxes for my room and office for Kodi and Neflix. Because of Shield's high price, I've searched google and found H6 Pro and M8S Pro L support Google Widevine DRM(FHD play in Netflix), and bought both. M8S Pro L is good for Netflix FHD but H6 Pro is not. I think H6 Pro looks better hardware than M8S Pro L but I am suffering with H6 Pro for Netflix movie resolution.
    I've been very looking forward to hearing Zidoo's answer or solution.
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  7. Patrick Park

    Patrick Park New Member

    Problem Solved!!
    I tried factory reset again (reset with pin hole) and Netflix could be played in FHD (1920x1080). The only difference is not to change UI language. I just used English UI. After firmware upgrade to v1.0.20, it works well. I really don't know why it didn't work in previous factory reset.
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  8. sunnyk

    sunnyk New Member

    are you sure its full hd? I want to give one more try before I sell this buggy as hell box I bought just 15 days ago
  9. Patrick Park

    Patrick Park New Member

    Yes, it plays in FHD.

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