Brand new to Zidoo need some help with my z20 pro

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  1. Anthony Spinella

    Anthony Spinella New Member

    hello, I am brand new to the Zidoo world. I have been researching this for well over a year now finally pulled the plug upon hearing about the brand new z20 pro. It just arrived today and I’m attempting to set it up.

    I need some help with my initial set up I purchased a 16 TB hard drive which I was able to successfully format inside the Zidoo. However here is where I’m stuck and I’m sure it’s been posted a billion times and I will research more while I await replies but

    I have a iMac. How do I make the internal hdd visible to my Mac so I can make the hdd the default place where my movie files are downloaded too and stored and also so I can copy my current collection over( this part has more difficult since the hard drive is format TFS, and my iMac won’t see it I connected to an external hdd enclosure.
  2. Anthony Spinella

    Anthony Spinella New Member

    Following up. I enables Samba server on the Zidoo but it still doesn't show up under Finder on my iMac. I also tried re formatting to exFAT since I know that is compatible with the Zidoo and a Mac readable format. The HDD shows up on the Zidoo but not the iMac.
  3. Yohmi

    Yohmi Member

    Right now I can't tell you why it's not showing up, as I don't remember having issues to see my Zidoo's external drive on my Finder.
    But in my case (with a Z9X and Ethernet connexion) it wasn't reliable enough (for some reasons, SMB would slow down after a few minutes / seconds, making it impossible to sync any big video files or several small ones). I ended up using that external hard drive as a backup of my video collection, I'd sync it on my Mac by plugging it through USB (and using Carbon Copy Cloner), since the Zidoo doesn't alter the files.
    Reading files from a server (I have a NAS on the same network) works fine. I suppose it's macOS + manipulation over SMB which doesn't work well (but maybe another user has a better experience !). Apparently, macOS isn't too good with SMB (and Apple gave up AFP, go figure…).
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  4. Anthony Spinella

    Anthony Spinella New Member

    Thanks for your input, I’ve pretty much given up on having this Zidoo work seamlessly like I was, hoping and will probably end up returning it.

    I had been doing so much research and finally pulled the plug after over a year of researching the Z10 pro

    currently I download my movies to an external hard drive attached to my iMac and then stream them over by Plex server, which typically works pretty seamless but being a huge nerd that I am I wanted to see if I downloaded full Blu-ray, BDMV and blu raw raw movies to play on the Zidoo if it would give me overall better picture and audio quality

    what I envisioned was putting a hard drive inside the Zidoo and setting that as the default storage location for my files so when I download my torrent, they automatically downloaded their so I could play the files locally from the machine as well not relying on a server and of course none of that seems to be working, lol

    and doing so unplugging my external hard drive, and making the changes. I don’t know what happened, but my qbtorrent app now suddenly stopped working, and just sits with all torrent stuck at stalled
  5. Yohmi

    Yohmi Member

    I understand what you tried to do, because that's also what I was expecting to do when I first got my Zidoo :D We had the same dream :p
    Since I'm too nerdy, I won't trade any bit of picture quality because I used Plex transcoding before and couldn't be satisfied with that picture quality (I mean, I don't bother myself getting the best files to end up with Netflix quality) so my solution was the NAS, and for this purpose it works.

    Good luck for your app issue, I can't help you with that (and I'm pretty sure that's not a welcome topic here anyway), hope your community can help o_O
    Only thing I know, Zidoo being an android device, it creates directories and sometimes root directories to any drive you plug. I might have messed up things.

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