Beta version v6.4(7).42 for Z9X/Z10 Pro/Z1000 Pro/UHD3000/NEO S/NEO X/NEO Alpha release

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by mirror, Oct 18, 2022.

  1. blenky

    blenky Well-Known Member

    Well Zidoo are back form the New Year. Any news about a new firmware? Its been awhile!
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  2. manulover

    manulover New Member

    Thanks for letting me know, I don't know what happened

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member


    its there first day back today !
    Let them at least catch up with e:mails ………
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  4. thivame

    thivame Active Member

    I hope to have an update to correct the problems with the list of actors (which are not the right ones) and that the feature requests for HT4 are taken into account
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  5. B0RN

    B0RN Active Member

    Zidoo Team - Happy Monday and Happy New Year! _ Lets start with a Bang and release that Menu's FW! :D
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  6. serg fedorov

    serg fedorov Active Member

    With Dolby Vision on Zidoo, not all problems with the black level are resolved as needed?
  7. milay

    milay New Member

    Hi @pcristi,
    the issue is not with external ( srt ) subs, but with recognizing flags on subs within a movie file like mkv.
    I believe zidoo is recognizing SLO as SLOvenia and not as SLOvakia which the flag is supposed to belong.
    Slovenian = SLV
    Slovakian = SLO, SLK
    I have checked it in MKVmerge and all SLO flaged subs are falsely recognized by ZIDOO as Slovenian.

    As for "identified the language from special characters" I guarantee you can't mistake Slovak writing characters by any other language.
    The closest you can get is with Czech characters, but there is few chars you would ( as would also a system process ) tell them apart easy in 2 seconds.
    Therefore I believe it's the flags.
    May be an easy fix to tell zidoo sftw to recognize flags correctly.
    Slovenian = SLV
    Slovakian = SLO, SLK

    Cheers tho for taking interest mate.
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  8. sagitarius

    sagitarius New Member

    Same with Bulgarian subtitles. They are always recognised and displayed as Russian which is completely different?! Really strange...
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  9. JOE9007

    JOE9007 Member

    Hi everyone.
    Will zidoo work as a nas be implemented with the next release?
    Currently my tv does not see the zidoo on the net and I need to see the zidoo on the net from another tv.
    I have enabled the Dnla feature on zidoo but its not working.
    I ask if it is possible to activate it because it is very useful in my case.
    Thank you.
  10. Markus2121

    Markus2121 Member

    I agree Blu-ray disc menu on the zidoo z9x fails at about 50 if not 75% of discs I throw at it, and these are discs released over the past few years. This is an advertised feature, so Zidoo must invest resources in the z9x, OR, it should not advertise it in the first place. I made a post here as well:
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  11. Darrin

    Darrin New Member

    Fail rate on the UHD3000 for me is like 10%. My Region B backups tend to be the most fussy. But have found switching to Region B in the playback settings helps a ton. Curious what your backup method is.
  12. blenky

    blenky Well-Known Member

    Have you turned on the SAMBA server on the Zidoo?
  13. JOE9007

    JOE9007 Member

    The samba server is active and works very well with the pc. From PC I can do everything.
    I see the two hard drives and the folders with the movies and I can play them from my pc. The tv does not see the zidoo on the net.
    I do not know how to do. The tv has active Dnla and also zidoo but does not see it.
    A friend of mine who just got a Z1000 has the same problem: the TV doesn't see the zidoo on the net.
    Do you know how to use the zidoo as a nas and make sure that all televisions in the same network can see it and read the contents of the folders?
    Thank you .
  14. blenky

    blenky Well-Known Member

    Sorry I may be missing something here but why do you want your TV to see the Zidoo on your network? Surely you want the Zidoo to see your hard drives on the network and play the videos on your TV.
  15. JOE9007

    JOE9007 Member

    I have two other tv's in my home network where I would like to access movies on zidoo over the network and play them.
    My friend with Z1000 has the same problem as me.
    I would like to know if it can be done with zidoo or am I forced to take a nas.
    But does zidoo have nas function?
  16. Petga

    Petga Member

    With my BD-isos, it is far more than 10% (with region code B setting) for which the BD menu does not work. And UHD have no region code. The BD menu does not work on almost any of my UHDisos.
  17. Netmask

    Netmask Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if this is what he wants, however this appears to be for the ZIDOO X9 only. Using the Zidoo as a NAS.[ld]dCHE6SJlKKmVViAFMcQ==.html
  18. JOE9007

    JOE9007 Member

    EXACT !;)
    I need zidoo to be network visible to my other two tv's.
    THANKS Netmask!.
    I'll try following the guide and see if it works.
  19. Netmask

    Netmask Well-Known Member

    Beware however this is for the Zidoo model X9 a very old model. However it may be possible with the 3000, I would ask others first.
  20. JOE9007

    JOE9007 Member

    Unfortunately it doesn't work on uh3000.....
    it says I don't have Root permissions.
    How do you get these permissions or root uhd3000 ?
    Thanks for anyone who wants to help me.

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