Beta version v6.4(7).20 for Z9X/Z10 Pro/Z1000 Pro/UHD3000/NEO X/NEO S/NEO Alpha

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by mirror, Jul 28, 2022.

  1. Hi -
    I just found this message after posting on the recommended settings thread. Was this resolved, as I have EXACTLY the same issue (down to the number) as you described.
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  2. kleveryar

    kleveryar New Member

    After updating to 6.4.20 my uhd3000 exit playback randomly to poster or main screen. Only by LAN connection from Synology NAS (both SMB or NFS). Now I have downgraded to basic 6. 1. 05 and it’s ok. Any suggestions?
  3. Dev

    Dev New Member

    Thanks, lately I realised this purpose of HDMI In, strange is out of the box when I connected HDMI In with soundbar and HDMI Out for TV, It worked in both way lol, I don't know how but it worked! Fonts are too small on box I could not read properly!
  4. Sekology

    Sekology Member

    Hi Michael, unfortunately it was not resolved yet. Last time I heard, Mark was sending this to Realtek. And no news yet..
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  5. mattmarsden

    mattmarsden Active Member

    Are you sure it wasn't ARC from the TV to the soundbar?
  6. Dev

    Dev New Member

    100% sure, Because my TV is LG CX which does not support DTS or DTSX, my soundbar was flawlessly getting DTS:X for Jurassic Park.

    At that time I only received the Box Z9X with stock firmware 6.30.60, and next day when I updated it to latest beta ... Sound from HDMI In was stopped!

    That's very strange how HDMI In port from Box was outputting DTS and DA sound to soundbar!!
  7. dr4go

    dr4go Member

    @McBluna Do I have missed anything? I'm asking, because of... "v4.2.25 –, Release, 2022-08-26 (extracted from leaked firmware Z9X_P_v6.4.24)"

    And I don't find anything related here on this forum. ;-)
  8. serg fedorov

    serg fedorov Active Member

    Where can I download the 24th firmware?
  9. McBluna

    McBluna Well-Known Member

    Z9X_P_v6.4.24 has not been released to public
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  10. dr4go

    dr4go Member

    Would it be possible to post the unmodified poster app from v4.2.25 on your website then? Or did I miss the link to the original file somewhere? Thx in advance
  11. MD23

    MD23 New Member

    Sleep mode is not working for me. Power button option set to standby. When I press button, tv display turns off. But, zidoo box panel display stays on. Have to reboot with Power switch on box. Was working fine on last beta firmware.
  12. Temearoo

    Temearoo Active Member

    In the forced subttile settings, « follow default flag » should be « follow forced flag », no? That makes more sense to me.
  13. I like your solution. I like to watch "cinema trailers in theaters now or future". Frankly speaking, I don't quite understand why people want to watch trailers for existing libraries? You already have the movies (by your choice). Not like Netflix or something, you try to find something to watch from an unknown list of movies.
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  14. Tony77

    Tony77 Member

    why not just go directl into soundbar FIRST? then arc to tv arc? no problems 4 me this way?

    surprised 2 hear that was coming via hdmi in as this port has ALWAYS been limited to 2ch in hdmi in app. unless it was limited by app itself??? possible they had hdmi ports screwed up..

    Wish i knew how to code :(
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  15. Tony77

    Tony77 Member

    thi does ocassionally happen to me as well. bugs r just a part of life. to resolve:
    i go into mediacenter and MOUNT or access smb drives there. go back to HT and prolems should be resolved..

    mediacenter is better at resolving dns, netbios, permission etc annoyances! lol mak sure mediacenter has access FIRST. THEN DEAL WITH HT
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  16. Tony77

    Tony77 Member

    so i AGREE with all ur points!

    i am annoyed too. i can tell u that my Z10PRO WAS INITIALLY recording with my hdcp splitter in EARLIER firmwares. altho it was useless bcuz when u minimized it got closed in backgound. then about a yr ago after an update recording began throwing hdcp errors. i thought my THREE splitters died, altho unlikely, but from what u said its more likely ALL recording was disabled. hdcp or not. i still have my x9s fortunately.

    i assumed this was likely the price to get GOOGLE onboard? as we r the FEW!

    the following is prob of no use to u but u never know. so now i use the hdmiin as a FIFTH hdmi port. my ports r full so i have my firestick in zidoo hdmi in port and use in fullscreen, just not hdmi2.2 compliant.
    INTERESTINGLY- i do not see how 1 could use this as an audio in buz the audio FIGHTS with the regular zidoo out audio, as they were designed to be seperate.
    my workaround is setting my firestick to LPCM audio. this seems to avoid messing with its hdmiout which is RAW. works ok...except firestick must be ON when booting zidoo othewise it ignores the hdmi IN port..
    FUN to flip back n forth between full blurayrips and content streaming via firstick with all variables being equal.

    hope my observations may be of use..idk... it was nice tho recording anything from firstick to take make room on my 2tb dvr. maybe i just need to find better hdcp stripper? makes ya wonder why even bother having dev settings to DISABLE hdcp and set or not hdmi version? they seem to have ZERO effect.

    pls enlighten me if possible... thnx

    ps. any1 know if is possible to install kodi builds and ZDMC onto the internal ssd drive i have connected to sata? or would i have to reformat as EXTENDED internal storage. is that even possible here? i like to dabble occassionally, but 1 app EVERY ZIDOO owner should install is :rolleyes:SMARTTUBENEXT.:rolleyes:
    watch ALL the trailers in the WORLD (or any content) with ZERO ADS or commercials TBH- better than offic. PAID youtube app.. no joke! :p:p:D:D
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  17. Dev

    Dev New Member

    I did connect but My soundbar does not passthrough HDR and DV. Its an old Yamaha YSP5600.
    Here is full story in short
    I am new to Zidoo devices, as this item arrived i set it up except firmware updatation. As a noob I connected my soundbar to z9x HDMI In and TV to HDMI Out, ( i never knew HDMI In has some other functionality) But it worked flawlessly, got DTS X and DA to soundbar. During this first trial I face only issue of raised black in HDR content, which I escalated to dealer, he asked me to update device while enabling Beta from option which I did. Post update.... picture quality was improved but audio from soundbar has stopped working, again I consulted to dealer when he learned that I connected soundbar to HDMI In ... he must have thought how silly I am.

    Still I wonder how HDMI In worked was nothing sort of miracle. This also give a possibilities that with an update Zidoo developers can make this HDMI in to Out. If they really want to.

    That's all.
    I am big fan of DTS HD audio, probably will change my TV.
  18. Phil181

    Phil181 Active Member

    You could also try and find an HDMI splitter, something similar in function to the AVRKey (which is no longer being made). It splits a single HDMI signal into 4K video and passthrough audio, thereby defeating the restrictions of older non-4K DV AVR's and soundbars.
    The UHD3000 and Neo's have twin HDMI outputs, it is a pity that the lower models miss out.
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  19. gadgetman

    gadgetman Active Member

    Anyone else had this issue.
    I watched E.T an mkv file and watching the end credits (i like john williams music). The last 30secs or so the sound cuts out i went back several times and each time cuts out. I played the file on my Oppo and is perfect.
  20. Cranks

    Cranks Member

    One for the Posterwall gurus!

    I have done a factory reset to clear up some issues I was facing, but now the Posterwall is not showing all content. In particular, I have numerous 'Collections' folders but only 6 are showing now.
    I also have an issue with all other content in that a blank poster shows (hundreds of them) but not the poster as before. Same sources have been scanned as before.

    Is there a hidden setting I can use to clear this up?

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