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  1. thewonderer

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    Hi, can someone help me roll back my x9s to 2.0.34. My x9s is 2 years old and cam with version 1.4.2 or below....

    When I play a hdr video I get hdr but when I stop the x9s stays in hdr. I have a 2018 Panasonic oled.

    Wish I'd never updated but the constant prompting on power up got the better of me.

    Doing another factory reset again.

    Tried an older firmware but it won't let me downgrade
  2. Random_Vibration

    Random_Vibration Active Member

    Interesting. What content are you watching when it gets stuck in HDR mode?

    I know that you are looking to roll back the firmware but I'm curious why your unit isn't switching back. I have seen my X9s hang in both 3D mode atleast once and in HDR10 mode once but they were glitches that I could not repeat and never with this firmware. This sounds like a failed HDMI handshake.

    How is your X9s hooked up to your TV? Directly or through a switch, soundbar, or receiver?

    When things like this happen, it may be helpful to:
    1) Reset all HDMI devices in the entire chain.
    2) Disconnect and re-seat all HDMI cables in the chain.
    3) As an alternative to resetting all devices, unplug all HDMI devices in the chain for 10 mins.
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  3. thewonderer

    thewonderer New Member

    Hi, my x9s goes through my yamaha amp. Was working perfectly with 2.0.34 from about a year ago and since the upgrade, built in media player becomes unresponsive if I try to navigate. It can be 1080p content or any other kind. With HDR, the TV set doesn't revert back to non HDR after exiting media player. That's the least of my problems. With the freezes in media player and Kodi (even kodi going out of sync no matter HDMI audio pass through or not). or ZDMC 17.6.1 having issues, im just over this version of the firmware and downloading the .IMG 1.4.12 to reset and go to an older rom.
  4. Random_Vibration

    Random_Vibration Active Member

    "...With HDR, the TV set doesn't revert back to non HDR after exiting media player..."

    Not exactly the level of detail I was asking for. What were you playing when the media player hangs in HDR mode? It is a demo file, or a rip of a movie? MKV file? TS file?

    Well, as far as the HDMI handshake issue, I would again suggest the whole chain needs to be addressed regardless of how well it worked on the older firmware. How well HDMI works or doesn't work is a function of every device in the chain and when problems occur, it is helpful to reset or remove power from the entire chain to get things back on track. That has been my experience with multiple TVs, Blu-ray players, recievers, soundbars, etc. One device can cause problems across the chain and a good resetting of all devices and reseating of cables seems to make things happy until something else disturbs the chain.
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  5. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    I have latest firmware and so is everybody around in this forum. Nobody else is complaining. It works and performs well for me. You have some local issues or even some bug within Zidoo.
    Unplug everything from Zidoo, factory reset, small movie on local USB port and one direct HDMI cable to the TV would be a good start. If you still are having problems in this simple setup then time for image flash.

    Look at this post. There are also detailed instructions how to go about flashing your Zidoo.
  6. pavlin67

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  7. SaskMedia

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    mid you are using pure Kodi and NOT a version of zdmc you will have all sorts of playback problems. The native kodi player is not optimized for Zidoo boxes. Proper playback requires all content to be pushed through the native Zidoo player (which home theatre also uses).

    zdmc 18.x works well. I suggest trying that.
  8. lucabis

    lucabis Member

    Where can I download zdmc 18
  9. SaskMedia

    SaskMedia Member

    It’s in the XBMC for Zidoo section of the forums.
  10. pavlin67

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  11. anman

    anman New Member

    IPTV micro freezing during playback. Empty stream information menu when playing IPTV.
  12. Random_Vibration

    Random_Vibration Active Member

    I would try in order, one at a time and testing after each:
    1) Make sure in the settings 'native player' is still selected.
    2) Power cycling the box
    3) Reinstalling the app
    4) Reinstalling firmware
  13. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    Is anybody actually successfully playing IPTV using Zidoo hardware media player?

    If software players are used like IPTV players, Kodi or Plex it will always do micro freezings and stutter.
  14. anman

    anman New Member

    Applications have changed, the native player is installed, everything normalizes only when you return to firmware 2.1.22-25.

    There are IPTV players with transfer functions to the system player.
  15. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    IPTV's are bad for stutters and dropped frames but using Zidoo is not helping. Zidoo player is optimized for common movie compression file formats but it has serious problems with other standards used for live streaming. I have 1080i 60fps videos from my older Sony video camera. I can't play those files on Zidoo at all without major glitching and stuttering using hardware Zidoo player or any other software player. The same files will play flawlessly directly from LG TV or Sony PS3.
  16. scaligers

    scaligers New Member

    Hi, I want to install firmware 2.1.28 but when I try to load the file, a message appears that says there is not enough space. The truth is that there are more than 10 GB. free. I have installed all the previous firmware without any problem. I have already deleted log files from previous updates and nothing solves the issue.
    Please if anyone knows how to solve this problem I will appreciate it.
    Sorry, I speak Spanish, excuse my English translation
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  17. Kellen

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    Upgrade to 2.1.28 - Unfortunately, Control Center stopped.

    Hi, the X9S asked to upgrade to this version today, I accepted. The box did the normal android update/reboot. Since then, I'm randomly getting unsolicited (without calling for/clicking on the program) pop-ups with "Unfortunately, Control Center has stopped."

    I've tried rebooting, shutting down, clearing both the Control Center cache & data. It's version 1.5.2

    Any ideas how to fix this?
  18. Marcell P

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    Firmware 2.1.28, and ZDMC 17.6.1, always adjust display refresh rate ENABLED. Now video streaming (with mkv) every 5-10secs there is a little stuttering. I tried a new version official ZDMC 18.3. There is no frame rate switch (already "adjust display refresh rate" enabled in system settings menu), and whitelist only a 1920x1080p/60Hz! And then I'm back to 17.6.1 and same every 5-10secs a little stuttering... :( Please help, how I can do it?

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  19. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    You should be using Zidoo hardware player and it is default (external) player in ZDMC. The settings in ZDMC (Kodi) "always adjust display refresh rate ENABLED" do not effect Zidoo hardware player. Go to the poster wall or Zidoo browser and lunch the same file. Is it still stuttering? Adjustments for Zidoo hardware player are in Quick Settings in Zidoo home screen. ZDMC is using Zidoo hardware player by default.
    More info on players here.

    Kodi software player is stuttering and skipping frames all the time. Hopeless at this point.
  20. Marcell P

    Marcell P New Member

    Thank you for your fast reply! It's an useful information. BUT I didn't mean playing from HDD. But video streaming from the Wifi internet. Until last week, there was no problem so far. The play was so smooth, but now I don't know, what happening...
    I just meant: ZDMC is only used for media library, and it's not designed for "Kodi" play, yes?

    Own Zidoo player is I really love it and also Zidoo Poster Wall 2.0. This always is so smooth playing, and nice pictures. I watch a lot of 3D movies with my 3D projector, because my country unfortunately does not coming 3D Blu-ray movies. There are never stuttering.

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