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  1. SolarGlider

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    Just a quick update to mention since the Zidoo Z9X is Roon uncertified it no longer works when it's activated after september 2020 because of Roon policy changes.
    If they don't certify the device they should scrap the Roon endpoint commercial babble from their website. any Zidoo admins care to share some info regarding?
  2. Superdog

    Superdog Member

    I accidentally remove a folder of movies from the HT app. How can I add this folder of movies back to the HT list ? The movies are still in my external HD.

  3. McBluna

    McBluna Active Member

    Did you remove the source setting?
  4. Superdog

    Superdog Member

    I click on the Drive icon, select the folder, then right click and select "Remove from the app"
  5. Superdog

    Superdog Member

    Sorted by rename the folder on computer and HT will auto rescan and add the folder back.

  6. wwyjoe

    wwyjoe New Member

    Sorry for the noob question. How do i disable the movie aggregation feature by default? Other than manually removing each movie individually from the collection.
  7. Whitfield

    Whitfield Active Member

    HT4 doen't seem to have such a setting. But wouldn't the possibility to disable gathering metadata defeat the purpose of using HT4 in the first place? I mean, then you might as well just browse with Media Center to the location of your videos, wouldn't you agree?

    Can anybody confirm that the Z9X every now and then does not show all NFS-shared files & subfolders and it needs a reboot to cure this issue?
  8. wwyjoe

    wwyjoe New Member

    Apologies if I'm unclear. My player is the Zidoo Z9X, and the aggregation feature I'm talking about is, for example, the Avengers' movies are consolidated under one cover art (with the words "collection" on the cover art). This is not what I want. I prefer all the various Avengers' movies to be displayed individually in the first place.
  9. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Moderator Beta test group Contributor

    There's no way to stop collections by default but you can right click on a collection and "disband" it.
  10. wwyjoe

    wwyjoe New Member

    Noted, thanks
  11. Pepek

    Pepek New Member

    Hi, do any of you use the TiviMate player to play IPTV on the Z9X?
    After a while the picture stops and the sound goes on, you need to switch the channel to start it, but it only works for a while.
    UHD 4K programs, all of them, even those with a very high Bit Rate, work perfectly!. Image freezing only occurs on FULL HD, HD and SD programs. WTF? I noticed that TiviMate displays Frame Rate 33, although the ransmission is 25 frames / s. on 4k frequency is not changed and shown (and play streeam) correctly: 50 or 25 FR/s

    Finally, a fun fact: if the TV program is broadcast with subtitles, the subtitles continue to change on FROZEN PICTURE!

    Another player: MX Player Pro will also stop the video, the sound continues to play without distortion
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  12. Hiard

    Hiard New Member

    J ai ce problème mais l id gsf comporte des chiffres et des lettres
    Que faire
  13. AndreyK

    AndreyK New Member


    Bought Z9X recently, mostly for BD3D iso playback and can't play even one of them.

    Simplest setup is Z9X (6.3.2 firmware from OTA) directly connected to Xiaomi Mijia UST 4k 1s projector, with HDMI 2.0 enabled. When I try to play iso with 3D content, projector loses signal from the port. 2D playback of the ISO works well, 4K playback of different BD good as well.

    I found several posts on avsforum with previous models of Zidoo and projector works together without any special setup and no one with such a problem.

    Tinkered setup options, HDMI cables and so on without success. Can anyone give me ideas about what to try next to get 3D playback working?
  14. Hiard

    Hiard New Member

    Le code gsf ce trouve dans menu configuration de zidoo
  15. Kung Yi

    Kung Yi New Member

    It is look like the developer do not care about iptv problem. They just care about playing function of hdd file playback. I am using astro go and other stand alone iptv app . On 6.1.15. all app is function as normal, while upgrade to 6.2.0 and other fw till 6.3.0, all iptv channel can't play anymore, all become black screen. I roll back to 6.1.15. Just skip all future fw update. Then you will happy with this player. DO NOT BUY THIS ANDROID MULTIMEDIA PLAYER FOR IPTV.

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