Zidoo Z9x, at every start, completely empty of contents.

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  1. Goodmorning everyone, I'm sorry but, I have a problem ............ I had already asked this question but, the only answer, had not solved the problem. I own a Qnap NAS and the zidoo Z9x and the zidoo Z9x takes all the content from the NAS (so this is the only use). Here's the problem: every time I turn on the Z9x (it did it even with the latest firmware), it is empty of content and, in order to communicate with the Qnap NAS, I have to re-enter both the credentials and a restore of the library for the Z9x, this is because every time the Z9x is switched on, it is empty. Is it possible that the Zidoo does not keep in memory both the path and the NAS credentials? In summary, every time I turn on the Z9x, I find it "empty". I hope I was able to make myself understood. Thanks to everyone in advance and good day, Andrea.
  2. Markswift2003

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    Hi Andrea,

    The first thing is to try is to remove the credentials - so make the share on the NAS "Public" to see if that's the problem.
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  3. In the meantime, thank you so much for your answer but, if it's not asking too much, could you explain the operation step by step? Furthermore, I do not understand why the Z9x, when it turns off and then on again, is completely empty, as if I had to always do the various content searches at start-up ........ I repeat, I don't understand why the Z9x every time it is switched on, "he forgot everything ..... Thank you again for the answer ........
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    Sorry - I don't use QNAP NAS drives so I don't know the menu structure, but in a Western Digital NAS, it looks like this:


    The reason it's empty is because the network location isn't available to it when it reboots, and I suspect you are correct that the credentials are not being saved.

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  5. Rob W

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    The way that HT4 and MP6 delete your libary if they can't detect the share on start is annoying behavour and I would call it a bug. Kodi and Plex etc dont work like that. You can mitigate it by disabling automatic scanning at start up and other scanning options in HT4 which allows time for your shares to wake up.
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  6. I understand and thank you but, I think I have made public the folders with the contents .......
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    I have a QNAP set for Guest Access. I assume this is what you mean when you said you have “made public the folders”. See screen shot.

    After each factory restore, I have to re-enter QNAP User Name/Password on Zidoo screen, but never again until another restore is done.

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  8. @cappy1
    To get to that screen, which path should I take? in the meantime, thanks for the answer ...
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    See the two attachments.
    A. Screen shot # 1: Select "Shared Folders"
    B. Screen shot #2: Select Folder Name and then under "Action", select the middle button "Edit Shared Folder Permission"
    C. You will now see the screen I sent in previous message.

    In my previous message I incorrectly said I have to re-enter permissions after each factory reset. I meant to say I have to enter the QNAP User Name/Password, not permissions. I have corrected that message.

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  10. Thank you very much but, it is already the same in my NAS ............ So if I understand your phrase correctly, do you also have to enter your login credentials every time you switch on the Zidoo?
  11. cappy1

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    I do not have to log in to QNAP every time I turn-on Zidoo. Zidoo boots straight to HT showing all movie files on QNAP.
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  12. cappy1

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    Hopefully someone else can help Andrea on this issue...beyond my limited knowledge.
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  13. ammar11

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    This happens on USB drives too. The HT4 needs to behave like Kodi, it doesn't check if the files are available or not, hence not deleting all the movies from the database when it can't find them. Only when you start a movie it'll tell you the file not found and then you can check what's going on. At least you have the database intact.

    This is the reason I'm using ZDMC with Zidoo player externally. I still scan new movies in HT4, this is so when I play in ZDMC I can see the movie's details when I push the Info button.

    But of course, in the thread starter's case the underlying issue needs to be fixed first, of which Z9X must be able to successfully reconnect to the NAS at every start up.
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  14. Good morning, I wanted to thank everyone for trying to help me but, the behavior continues ....... Now, if I can, I also get help from a friend who is a computer scientist. The problem is that I live in Northern Italy, he in the Far South of Italy. Anyway, as soon as he has time, he should help me. Of course, if any of you have an idea or a test that I can do, you are very welcome. Thank you so much again and sorry for the inconvenience on very small issues. Have a nice day, Andrea.
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    Not being familiar with QNAP NAS devices, can somebody tell me if it would run on NFS?
    Reason I ask is I'm wondering if the issue could be "NFS and Zidoo" related. Empty NFS-shares happen on my Z9X too, every now & then.
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  16. Markswift2003

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    In the first post you say that when this problem happens and you have to re-scan, you have to re-enter the credentials.

    Can you confirm that the last time this happened you still had to enter a username and password when adding the share to the Z9X Sources?
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  17. @Whitfield
    Hi, look, I also have Qnap but, in NFS, I can't connect with the Z9s ..........


    Yes, I repeat, when I turn on the Z9x, it appears to me as devoid of content, so I have to resort to a Backup of the library that is on the NAS. Maybe, if I do a Backup of the library and the Posters on the internal memory, I solve the problem? Then, where in the internal memory should I make these backups? Just add a folder or do what? At least I'll try if I get around the problem like this .......

    I still apologize but, in addition to the stroke that hit my cerebellum 10 years ago, I also suffer from Cognitive Degeneration and many things that I used to do with my eyes closed, now I find myself in extreme difficulty, that's why I constantly disturb you ... ......
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    You don't have to apologize, Andrea. You have earlier mentioned health issues and I'm sure everyone understands and will be considerate.
    As I think you are one of the most polite persons on these forums, I can't imagine somebody being disturbed by your questions in the first place.
  19. Thank you very much, I was very pleased with the post you wrote !!!!!!!!
  20. Markswift2003

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    It wouldn't matter where you save the backup to. I always save mine to a NAS too.

    It can make a difference where the Poster Directory is - I always use "Custom Directory" but this shouldn't affect your issue.


    I'm still convinced this is an issue with credentials (username/password) and the folder you are using as a "source" in HT4 is not a public folder.
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