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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by freeroc, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. j0534ng31

    j0534ng31 Member Beta test group

    You've edited your message and the last version doesn't include this quote, but I would like to answer the old question anyway...

    Well! I have not a real reason, except that I don't see this box as a Blu Ray but as any standard Android device:

    If you go to 'System -> 'Language & input' you'll see four flavours of deutsch, seven of english, four of french...
    That is, the same options you can find in any Android phone or tablet (even mine one).

    But, going to my own Android phone, I can find a lot more spanish flavours than on those other languages:
    (in order of appearance)
    • Català
    • Español (España)
    • Euskara
    • Galego
    • Español (Argentina)
    • Español (Bolivia)
    • Español (Chile)
    • Español (Ecuador)
    • Español (El Salvador)
    • Español (Estados Unidos)
    • Español (Guatemala)
    • Español (Honduras)
    • Español (México)
    • Español (Nicaragua)
    • Español (Panamá)
    • Español (Paraguay)
    • Español (Perú)
    • Español (Puerto Rico)
    • Español (República Dominicana)
    • Español (Uruguay)
    • Español (Venezuela)
    I don't know the real differences between all of them but, given the extra load of work to support this, I suppose Google developers did it for a very good reason.

    That's the main point for giving @freeroc the original advice on dividing spanish in (at least) two flavours: spanish(Spain), and spanish(Latin America)... Or the same and more accurate in spanish: español(España) and español(Hispanoamérica).
    Afterward, if anyone would like to support the translation of any other spanish flavour, freeroc will consider adding it on the fly.
  2. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Fine for me. To be honest the differentiation was just meant for audio/subtitle tracks not for the Menu's here. I always see only one Menu language for all Spanish variants on all products labeled just Spanish and even for English/American. Not worth the effort, sorry if I suggested anything else.

    I am Dutch myself and on movies there may be Nederlands and Vlaams tracks for audio and subtitles (Dutch and Flemish) but nobody makes special Menus for Belgian Flemish.

    Two TAB's to go on the Dutch translation but these are still big ones Video Player and Theater partially done. This is a lot of work.
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  3. j0534ng31

    j0534ng31 Member Beta test group

    There is nothing to be sorry about. ;)

    I agree: It would not be worth the effort!
    But I don't feel like having the right to decide by them all: Being in a privileged position as a "spanish (Spain)" person, I don't want to be restricted to considering things from only one angle.
  4. Sarco

    Sarco Active Member Beta test group


    Android setting is for language and localization, for example french canadian translation is exactly the same as french (France) but in localization replace azerty to querty layout, numerical also have few change. That why there a setting for french canada and it doesn't apply for language.
  5. freeroc

    freeroc Active Member

    As for the original android settings, I think it's better not to change its translation.
    After all, there is not much of English words, besides those words are common and critical,
    Using the same words as far as possible benefits the communication between customers and service engineers.
  6. freeroc

    freeroc Active Member

    I revised the English translations which is translated from Chinese before and with errors,
    The strings I modified marked as orange color.
    I wonder that others language in these strings need revised again by you, cause they have been misleaded by the inaccurate translations.
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  7. j0534ng31

    j0534ng31 Member Beta test group

    So, there is only one common translation, with different localizations for keyboards, units, and perhaps dictionaries (for things like 'les gosses', 'ta blonde', 'nonante-huitante-septante', et des choses comme ça)?

    Do you think (or know) if there should be only one spanish translation? Or it's correct like it is right now (one for europeans and another one for americans)?
    I don't know the standard way, but I've heard that until a short while ago all Latin American film dubbing was done in Mexico, so I suppose they have something like an "standarized american spanish" (and so, also a dictionary of common words and expressions for them).

    I also understand that that doesn't apply to Català, Galego, or Euskara (as they are full languages with other words) and, so, they are a complete different case...

    Is that correct?

    Thank you!
  8. Giacarta

    Giacarta New Member

    Hi All,
    Ive finished reviewing all Italian cells corresponding to English orange highlighted ones.
    Mostly all correct already, just made some small tweaks.
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  9. Sarco

    Sarco Active Member Beta test group

    W do not have such extreme specialy in technical term, but instead of making specific file for each language ( not for Spain and american spanish) maybe try to find term. For example if when translating "open file" result in "ouvrir fichier" and ouvrir fichier is not acceptable for any reason it is possible to translate as "accéder fichier" "access file". The translation is not affect since the result is the same...
  10. Michele985

    Michele985 New Member Beta test group

    grazie :) / thank you :)

    quando ho tradotto avevo un dubbio su alcune righe della scheda Theater scritte in cinese anzichè inglese (da 237 a 250), per la nostra lingua ho provveduto a modificarle

    @freeroc please check the Theater tab on the spreadsheet: rows 237 to 250 are in chinese (english should be zero, one, two...)
  11. freeroc

    freeroc Active Member

    Thank you . Modified.
  12. freeroc

    freeroc Active Member

    A new column of "String name in code" added for reference.
  13. bovirus

    bovirus Member Beta test group


    Please don't dischard previous tarnslation.
    I didn't find teh strings that I revised in the apst.


    I found some problems about Italian translation.
    In Italian we don't use "Per favore..."
    We don't use infinite verbs but verbs in third person.
    We don't use "Clicca" but" Fai clic"

    Please use a professional approach if you want to translate it.
  14. Michele985

    Michele985 New Member Beta test group

    Correct it if you think you can do it better.

    Siamo a livelli di pignoleria qui eh :) Si è chiesto di non essere prolissi, le formalità lasciamole alla carta stampata non un'interfaccia sw imho
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  15. bovirus

    bovirus Member Beta test group


    I have some doubts

    In many strings you use "device" ma in the context it could be mean "Path"
    In many phrase you use "" as start/end of the pharse but it seems that is not always necessary
    In many strings you end the phrase with"..." also if the phrase is an affermation.

    If anyone cam make changes to the translation files, can easily destroy the job of the previous translator.
  16. Michele985

    Michele985 New Member Beta test group

    That's why i saved a local copy of the spreadsheet on my machine in case of someone do some 'joke' :)

    You are right for this word, in fact i translated it to 'percorso' and 'percorso assoluto' in our language (SMB/NFS share can't be identified as a device)
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  17. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    To italian translators (in italian language, sorry):
    Non mettiamoci a "litigare" ;) per un modo o l'altro di tradurre. E poi, se abbiamo dubbi, siamo sempre in tempo a sentirci tra di noi e concordare la versione migliore per ogni singola voce dubbia.
    P.S. bovirus credo sia molto esperto, ha realizzato le traduzioni di una miriade di programmi ed app. Non per difenderlo...
  18. Michele985

    Michele985 New Member Beta test group

    Credo sia opportuno si prenda uno la briga ora di provare la beta che rilasceranno e apporti le modifiche necessarie, lo faccia lui no problem.
    Io come già detto quando ci siamo sentiti non ho interessi di finire nei credits, ho partecipato ad esempio a progetti nella 'scena' xbox360 senza essere menzionato. Mi basta aver collaborato, senza nessun secondo fine. So di averlo fatto anch'io.
    A prescindere chi sia io lui o altri, se si evitano affermazioni tipo 'non è professionale' meglio.
    Fino a prova contraria, il mazzo finora ce lo siamo fatti noi.. Almeno rispetti questo.
    Senza rancore.
    Buon proseguimento.
    Io per motivi più che altro di tempo mi fermo qui come collaborazione al progetto
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  19. bovirus

    bovirus Member Beta test group


    Please use always English. I'm in a English forum.

    I believe that if you found some misunderstanding you should post here and advise @freeroc because the misunderstanding could be mean a wrong master english strings (like Device -> Path) and the admin should fix for all translators.
    As I wrote I'm not so agree about "public" translation because are quite critical. Anyone can in a few seconds destroy your/mine job.
    I know that you made a backup but if the admin make some changes to the structure and anyone change the translation before you your backup is not useful.

    For this I propose to admin to create close groups (for few members) to maintain the translation project.
    I believe that if you didn't do it, the person like you/me/etc that maintain with passion the translation after sometiems that anyone change somethings without a coordination, didn't partecipate to the translation anymore.
    It what's ahppeend for public qbittorrent translatiion.

  20. Giacarta

    Giacarta New Member

    Gentleman, my apologies, I didn't want to step onto anyone toes and surely I'm not jealous of any translation.

    As a brand new possessor of an X9S, I just thought I could make a good use of a spare hour in the train and give a hand.

    There can be many different translations of a single sentence or concept and if anyone thinks there's a more compelling way of saying something, please do.

    However, since I do respect the seniority of older members of this community, if you feel like you need some extra manpower, I'm happy to help, otherwise just tell me and I'll step back.

    Hope nobody was offended!



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