New firmware v1.0.30 for ZIDOO X6 release

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by mirror, Jan 14, 2016.

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  1. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    1. Optimized the hidden of mouse pointer
    2. Add the zidoo Home Threater(Experimental function)
    3. Video player
    a. Add the shade of subtitle
    b. Change the operation interface with three-dimension
    c. Add function than can download substitle online(It depends on the language your settings.Experimental function)
    d. Add adjustable funtion with size/color/location for subtitle
    e. Add display of video information(like size/format/resolution, etc.) when video pausing.
    4. Flie managementt
    a. Add display function when connected USB device
    b. Add compatible and shared directory for device, also any shared path
    c. It will pop up a login box when entering shared directory and got a validation error, allowing users to login with a new account and saved automatically as a new device
    d. It doesn't allow multiple choice with the shared directoryr list, it will judge automatically whether mount or not when copy; if not, have to verify firstly.
    e. It will remove a mounted network device when exiting.
    f. It only mounts that needed directory when enter shared directory
    g. Add scan method of samba
    h.Show the volume name in the file manager when insert USB device
    5. Optimization of airplay: Solved the broken screen of airmirror, support ISO 9.2
    6. Upgrade kodi to 16.0
    7. Support external USB audio device
    8. Solve the spelling mistake of "contorl" for local disk (thanks for grummel2005's feedback)
    9. Solve kodi with black screen sometimes when playing some video(thanks for dorol's feedback).

    OTA zip file
    v1.0.30 unroot version
    Mediafire mirror:
    Amazon mirror:

    MD5: 8EB6078C71E7C952567F6B5B8DD0A41A

    v1.0.30 rooted version
    Mediafire mirror:
    Amazon mirror:

    MD5: DE881DA717ED1DF96400279FC68FD416

    How to upgrade:
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  2. tienlequoc

    tienlequoc Member

    OTA update???
  3. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    First in the forum to Gray scale test three days,Then OTA online update.
  4. grummel2005

    grummel2005 Well-Known Member

    when? approximately?
    monday i had to send my 12 zidoos latest back to amazon
    as they are now they are not usable!
  5. dorol

    dorol Member

    Same mistake here.
    Now i have to sell this myself.
  6. grummel2005

    grummel2005 Well-Known Member

    why sell - tell the company where you bought it, tha some specifications why are in advertizing not possible
    it is "nearly froud" - sorry to say this :(
  7. jbv

    jbv Member

    Hi mirror,

    More than happy to wait a little longer for you to do more testing.
    ... If it was easy, anyone could do it ;)

    Cheers, Brenton
  8. nguyễn hong

    nguyễn hong New Member

    i hope it today!pls upload asab!
  9. tienlequoc

    tienlequoc Member

    Need some changelog
  10. dimtris

    dimtris Member

  11. Arbitrage

    Arbitrage New Member

    Waiting for this!

    But, KODI hasn't released version 16 as stable. Do you include the 5th beta in the 1.0.30 firmware?
  12. dorol

    dorol Member

    Right now i have 3 android boxes, placed in three rooms:
    Two from the competition and one ZIDOO X6.
    Only my ZIDOO X6 cant handle DTS-HD, TRUE-HD in android via mx player pro or media center.
    Only my ZIDOO X6 cant acces samba shares, only NFS in android/media center, but works in archos player.

    All 3 boxes are linked to the same receiver Denon Avr X1200W
  13. agmarco

    agmarco Member

    Any one installed this and can give feedback?
  14. agmarco

    agmarco Member

    Anyway, nice to see the Zidoo team is making a lot of efforts to bring the X6 to another level. There are a lot of big companies who promise a lot but never deliver. They don't even react on claims or whatever. Thanks Zidoo team!
  15. user59

    user59 Member

    Excellent work
    Thank you
  16. HortonTV

    HortonTV New Member

    I am applying this update right now, will let you know how it works on the X6 Pro
  17. agmarco

    agmarco Member

    I have to check things out further but it seems I lost my sound output. Someone else?

    Small update. It has something to do with RC Mele F10 Pro. Mic works now and I can give spoken commands. But it seems the sound is reverted, our trying to revert, to the Remote also. Only when I take out USB dongle of Mele I hear the sound again. Can't seem to find the option to en- or disable sound output to Mele RC.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2016
  18. dorol

    dorol Member

    Tested some movies and playback is horrible, worst than in previous fw, moving camera scenes have hiccups (like drop frames).
    DTS-HD, TRUE-HD and ATMOS movies not working in media center and zidoo home theater, but works in kodi - same badly hiccups.

    Samba is working in zidoo home theater -good news - but not in media center.
    Strange behaviour (zidoo home theater}: when playing a movie with embedded subtitle and have another external subtitles in same folder it displays both subtitles - in subtitles settings only external subtitle is selected.

    Too bad for the horrible playback, buyed this just for watching movies.
    1.0.27 have better playback.
  19. jvanhambelgium

    jvanhambelgium Member Beta test group

    First of all, I only use KODI and only interested in 2D stuff.
    For me, the 1.0.30 works already pretty good.

    > For DVD ISO files, which always had audio/video sync issues (so I have to adjust manually) it seems FIXED ! Tried some DVD ISO file with known defects, now lipsync was OK
    > Tried Bluray ISO-files, no hickups, pops , audio-problems and always without problems the HD-audio codecs
    > Tried various MKV's (I only use larger MKV's, minimum 15Gbytes in size) with no apparent defects, no artefacts on screen, no audio issues etc.

    Sure in KODI there is still some choppyness when going fast-forward and then resuming, but after some seconds it stabilizes

    Sooo ... to me this starts to look good! Keep it up guys !!

    I will perform more testing the coming days probably and will report sudden regression or problems.
  20. agmarco

    agmarco Member

    Can someone tell me how to switch the output from Mele to normal (optical out)? I now have to remove the USB dongle before I can get sound again. But then I can't use Mele RC anymore. Help!!
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