ZoomGo ZX10 Media Stick - Small OpenWrt device at Walmart for $5 (Damai NW5030)

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    I've searched some and see no previous reference to this so I'd like to share my latest project and give everyone a heads up on a a great little device.. I picked 3 up about a month back because @ $5 I figured if nothing else they were worth it just for an 8 gb micro sd card and the usb charger rated for 2.4A.

    Their purpose in life is that of a localized media server for the car.. dump movies/music/? on the micro sd, connect upto 4 devices to the built in AP and play your media. They also can connect to a wireless network in client mode as a means of updating the FW, but I've found it also works as a wan connection for whatever you might have connected.

    Upon further research(tearing it apart, how else?) it's running a very stripped down copy of OpenWrt on a Ingenic XBurst X1000 SoC (?) @ 1008mhz w/ 256m of ram. It's actually rebadged a Damai NW5030 (but possibly with some changes? the charging pcb has "Walmart C0534" silkscreened on one side..)

    It can be powered on via microusb and there's pads for tx/rx/gnd (although tx and gnd were covered in a clear protectant that had to be dremel'd off). Not sure what the root password is because I reset it via console/failsafe before even considering it being helpful to bruteforce it... telnet and www are open.
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    Always like to see someone tear something apart to see how it 'ticks'. Just like Dave on u-boob that has a huge following. ;)

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