'ZIUI Cool' shouldn't have a disable option

Discussion in 'Development' started by videobruce, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. videobruce

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    I found the hard way, at the bottom of the applications list 'ZIUI Cool' has the option of being disabled.

    It removes all the GUI outside the Menu, the screen goes black except for the shutdown options. When you try to boot back up, it hangs forcing a USB re-flash wiping out everything. (At least that was the only way I could recover.

    Why is the disable function even there, since this should be considered a system file??
  2. pcristi

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    Next time try do some research on Google about Android functionality, disabled application can be enable via adb shell
    similar to this for "ZIUI Cool"
    adb connect <ip_player>
    adb root
    adb connect <ip_player>
    adb shell pm unhide com.zidoo.ziui5
    adb reboot
    Answer to your question no once think to limited functionality of disable application for com.zidoo.ziui5.

    Is also possible to install alternative launcher via adb shell
    Download from apkmirror for example Nova Launcher 5.5.4
    adb connect <ip_player>
    adb root
    adb connect <ip_player>
    adb install <downloaded.apk>
    adb reboot
    Goof luck with basic command on adb shell.
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  3. videobruce

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    Thanks for all of that, but why should the user make up for coders bad decisions? I'm sure they have the ability to allow or disallow disabling any of these applications, since not all have the option as it stands. There are some safeguards to less hazardous settings. This is hazardous, one less thing to fix if it can't go wrong.
  4. splintyg

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    Well, You should not think as user when buy not so expensive chinese thing: I've got a product and it simply must work.
    Go with that thoughts to Apple ))
    We are here free of pay beta-testers.
    Good luck.
  5. videobruce

    videobruce Member

    Price has or shouldn't have any bearing here.
    Oh, not everyone has the ability to deal with command lines (or should have to).

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