Zidoo Z9X Pro unknown error reading NAS

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  1. vads1972

    vads1972 New Member

    I've been using a mediaplayer for years until last year. I've then bought a Chromecast 4K to replace that MP, but after experiencing it for months I'm not happy with it and decided to move back to a mediaplayer. I bought the Z9X Pro.

    I've got an old trustworthy Zyxel NSA220 in my network and a harddrive connected to my router. Both are accesible from my desktop-pc (and my previous mediaplayer and Chromecast, where I used Kodi to scrape movies and tv-shows).
    Now with the Zidoo, I'm able to access the folders with the native Media Center application on the harddrive and play media. But it is when accessing media on the NAS that I get an "unknown error" when accessing the samba shares. When I try to access the same through the same app by UPnP, I can see the content and play it, but it stutters immensely.
    I would like to remain with ZDMC, but I know that with Kodi I was able to set it to read SMBv1. Is that possible with ZDMC too (and if so, how?) or is it better to install the firmware with Google Play Store and start using Kodi again?
  2. Gandalf67

    Gandalf67 Member

    Have you upgraded your firmware to 1.065, to start with?
  3. vads1972

    vads1972 New Member

    To look for an update was my first action after booting device. Device states that there is no update available, even though I select the option to receive beta version.
    Current version is 1.0.52

    Do you suggest to do a manual upgrade then?
  4. Gandalf67

    Gandalf67 Member

    Yes, get the zip file from the topic here, put it on a usb flash drive and upgrade manually.
  5. vads1972

    vads1972 New Member

    Ok, after a lot of hassle, long story short: I've upgraded the device to 1.065_G version. Also installed Kodi.

    - Both media center as the Poster wall app still give me "unknown error" when opening folders on the NAS.
    - Kodi is able to open and browse the folders, so I've discovered it is the Zidoo apps

    Kodi though is playing Dolby Vision files with a green hue over them...

    Why do the native Zidoo apps do not open my NAS files?
  6. Sawas

    Sawas New Member

    Yeah, I too get an unknown error when trying to log into my nas (old Buffalo Nas that only has smb1 on it). Trying to find a workaround. That said, I can log from zidoo into the nas via upnp and play mkv files, but bluray and dvd are displayed as folders and don't always play. In the HT4.0 app, you can't go in via upnp
  7. Pezay

    Pezay New Member

    I had the same problem with my Synology NAS. Solved it by using NFS instead of SMB. This works perfect for me so far. Don't know if you have that option?
  8. Sawas

    Sawas New Member

    Unfortunately my Nas doesn't support nfs
    I was able to solve this problem in the following way:
    1. I created a folder on my computer and shared it. I checked that I can access this folder from zidoo via samba.
    2. In this folder I created symbolic links to nas shared folders with a command like "mklink /d nas \\path to folder".
    3. The created links are also shared.
    After that zidoo sees these folders and can access them.
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