Zidoo Z9X Playback Stuttering Issues on SMB Share from TrueNAS

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by ein777, Oct 21, 2022.

  1. ein777

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    Just got a Z9X. Specs in my signature. I managed to share my media via SMB from my TrueNAS server (version 13.0-U2). All files correctly scraped and plays. My issue is when I'm playing 4K remuxed files (regardless if it's HDR10 or DV), I am getting stuttering where the video and audio freezes and my Yamaha receiver also momentarily says it lost the audio signal. This mostly happens on large 4k remuxed files at longer stutter intervals (~5 secs) but only occasionally happens on remuxed 1080p files at shorter intervals (~2 seconds). Non-remuxed files (~7 Gig) work flawlessly.

    My setup is all wired via gigabit ethernet. I have tested the connection speed to the server via my own local OpenSpeedTest docker container and I am getting ~1Gbps download/upload. My HDMI cables are Zeskit rated v2.1. I have turned off the Z9X WiFi and it's server function.

    I previously used a HTPC running Plex/Kodi and it would play 4K remuxed files flawlessly but I bought the Z9X for Dolby Vision. I used the same ethernet cables for the Z9X.

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