Zidoo Z9S beta firmware v2.3.60

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    Zidoo Z9S beta firmware v2.3.60 – McBluna.net

    1. Optimize system stability
    2. Fix the problem that the occasional weather cannot be obtained automatically
    3. Add a shortcut key to play when the remote control color key is selected
    4. Optimize online video playback

    Video Player
    1. The information display interface increases the dynamic change of the playing time
    2. Add CLEARLOGO display on poster wall when starting broadcast
    3. Optimize some language translation display
    4. Optimize playback stability
    5. Optimize MKV chapter function
    6. Add the function of skipping the opening and ending credits of TV series
    7. Increase the time selection shortcut key function
    8. Fix the problem that DVD movies can't turn off subtitles by default
    9. Add MKV subtitle title display
    10. Optimize subtitle download

    Home Theater
    1. Fix the issue that some movies cannot get trailers
    2. Increase the collection sort function
    3. Optimize the function of searching TV data
    4. Optimize the UI display of individual interfaces
    5. Optimize matching function
    6. Fix the problem that the collection sorting is not saved occasionally
    7. Add a collection sorting function when passing through the entrance of a movie or TV series
    8. Optimize the local trailer function
    9. Optimize the settings of the scraping source
    10. Increase the duration sorting function
    11. Added TVMAZE online matching for TV series
    12. Add TVDB V4 interface function
    13. Add local trailer only setting
    14. Optimize matching accuracy
    15. When sorting by duration, the poster shows the duration of the video
    16. Optimize scanning stability
    17. Fix the problem that tvmaze cannot manually modify the poster
    18. TV series add clearlogo function
    19. Fix the problem that the poster background of certain TV series cannot be changed
    20. Optimize the problem that Doubanyuan posters cannot be obtained
    21. Optimize application stability
    22. Optimize the accuracy of animation matching
    23. Optimize the display of the replacement poster interface
    24. Modify partial translation
    25. Optimize TMDB matching accuracy
    26. Optimize the acquisition of trailers
    27. Fixed the issue that the trailer could not be matched in Traditional Chinese
    28. Optimize NFO episode matching
    29. Fix the problem of incorrect recognition of tmdb animation multi-season episodes
    30. Add Rotten Tomatoes score display
    31. Add the function of skipping the beginning and ending credits
    32. Add click on the poster to directly play and enter the detailed settings
    33. Fix the problem that the movie will automatically skip to the end of the movie after it is played again
    34. Optimize the detailed interface display
    35. The list interface responds to the remote control play button
    36. Fix the problem that there is no sound in the occasional trailer
    37. Add selling point title display in detail interface

    Music Player (recommended to re-add the device to experience better results)
    1. Increase UPNP music playback function
    2. Optimize lyrics function
    3. Fix the problem that the song cannot be cut normally after playing from the file manager
    4. Optimize the information acquisition of the detailed interface
    5. Optimize all collection functions
    6. Optimize the playlist function
    7. Optimize song name acquisition
    8. Optimize the page key to switch music
    9. Fix the problem that the cue song cannot be expanded when playing through the file manager
    10. Fix the problem that the song cannot be selected when playing SACD occasionally
    11. Optimize lyrics search
    12. Fix the issue that the mobile APP cannot obtain singer information
    13. Optimize the display of the playback details interface
    14. Optimized the problem that occasionally the application does not respond after adding a large number of songs
    15. Optimized the problem that the interface of the occasional song list interface is stuck
    16. Optimize the problem that the duration of the occasional song cannot be obtained normally
    17. Fix the problem that the occasional song is not finished, and the next song is automatically next.
    18. Optimize playback stability
    19. Fix the problem that singer information can't be displayed
    20. Fix the issue of occasional flashback when viewing singer pictures
    21. Add automatic update function
    22. Optimize CUE file acquisition
    23. Optimize the problem of incorrect sequence of automatic next song
    24. Optimize matching function
    25. The current output sampling rate increases DOP display
    26. Fix the problem that CD playback cannot cut songs
    27. Optimize the path failure handling of external devices
    28. Optimize the problem that the default scan language is invalid
    29. Optimize the garbled problem
    30. Fix the problem that the occasional music automatically stops playing
    31. Optimize CD playback
    32. Optimize music search function
    33. Fix the occasional re-matching crash problem
    34. Optimize interface display
    35. Optimize music matching
    36. Optimize the stability of music playback
    37. Fix the problem that the bit depth of DSD format gets wrong
    38. Optimize the problem of garbled display of individual music
    39. Optimize the speed and accuracy of searching lyrics
    40. Optimize lyrics analysis
    41. Modify partial translation
    42. Optimize the singer picture interface
    43. Optimize the stability of music data analysis
    44. Optimize the mobile terminal to obtain data
    45. Optimize the acquisition of local album pictures
    46. Fix the problem that the song data is not removed when the device is removed after the scan is paused.
    47. Fix the problem that the details interface does not refresh after modifying the singer's picture
    48. Optimize playback stability
    49. Add the function of manually changing the artist and album cover
    50. Optimize the background display of the playback details interface
    51. Optimize the display of album pictures

    Image Player
    1. Fix the problem that the sup file is scanned
    2. Optimize wallpaper settings

    ShortCut Keys
    1. Add local player selection time play shortcut keys
    2. Add shutdown shortcut

    1. Add test version receiving option
    2. Optimize partial display
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