Zidoo Z1000 problems

Discussion in 'other' started by Terence Sammut, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. Terence Sammut

    Terence Sammut New Member

    Hello guys,

    I recently purchased the Zidoo Z1000 and updated with firmaware v2.3.10.

    On the main menu I am experiencing green flashes (not during the movie). Is it just me or Zidoo software ? Maybe settings ?

    I also noticed that while watching a 4K movie with Atmos, sometimes the dialogue (from centre speaker) is not clear like harsh and with background noise. For example Gemini Man and Wonder Woman. I put my Denon X8500H on Pure Audio mode to remove any equalization but it's still there. With Cinema EQ On the dialogue became little bit softer but still very noticeable.

    I don't think I had this problem before with the Zappiti ONE SE.

  2. applesnowleo

    applesnowleo New Member

    Hello, I have also a Z1000 with a X8500. Can you get HDR 4k in 12 or 10 bit to your TV or Projetor?

    I am having some issues with Z1000 that do not apear present in my X10, I think is a buggy Z1000 firmware. Also had intermitently crashes with 2.3.10. I am waiting for a new release to see if this issues are gone. Zidoo support responded that their products don't support 4k 12 bit!!!! At least the X10 and Z10 support it.

    Untill now I only can get 8 bit 4.4.4 on 4K HDR.


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