Zidoo z1000 pro using IOS Official Kodi Remote App as music user interface for ZDMC on a

Discussion in 'other' started by Trino, Mar 20, 2021.

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    Hello everybody,
    I installed the current "Official Kodi Remote" app on the Iphone and iPad and used it to control the current ZDMC player on the Zidoo z1000pro, mainly for music data. I am very enthusiastic about this app, actually it leaves nothing to be desired and is also well designed.

    Only the performance is not always ideal. I have read all of my LOCAL music data into the database on the Zidoo and can also access it quickly via the remote app. Only when I filter a music genre, for example, does the app take a long time to search my database. If I then call up the same genre again, the app takes just as long to call it up. Thus, the app is apparently not "capable of learning", or no index is added. Is there possibly an ADD-On or other tricks to speed up this? Or is there a better alternative to this "Official Kodi Remote" app. I found e.g. "Smart Kodi" or "Sybu for Kodi", but these apps seem to be more suitable for video and at least at first glance don't have nearly the same options?
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