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  1. hardkore99

    hardkore99 New Member

    Hi there new too the fourm and if anybody could help me out with assistance that would be great...
    My zidoo x8 is less than 3 months old and it constantly reboots itself for no reason at all you could be tying a movie search and it reboots you can walk away with a movie on pause and reboots...

    Ive factory resetted box and same issues and even installed the new firmware and same... Seems like ive gotten a defective box im not sure what else too do and warrenty and after service has not been very helpful as its taking forever too even respond too emails... any help would be appreciated thank you...
  2. freeroc

    freeroc Active Member

    If factory reset doesn't work.I suggest you contact the re-seller to exchange a box.
  3. Reuven

    Reuven New Member

    my X8 does restarts too, and after last firmware (1/2/1) this is more ofen for no obvious reason, even if idle.
  4. Beni2360

    Beni2360 New Member

    Another adapter should try.

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