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    Since lately we have many roms and updates for all major apps, i would like to know the best combinations of rom and app version for the following:

    1) What is the best combo and video settings for proper smurfs UHD playback with correct colors? Must i download the zidoo_videoplay1 apk? Will it be implemented in future ZDMC and external player/rom updates?
    2) With official 1.2.11 rom, i only get full bd menus through KODI and not with external player. Should i update?
    3) What is the major difference between the latest ZDMC 16.1 and 17 beta version?
    4) Auto frame rate works in all roms and ZDMC (16.1 and 17 beta) versions including external player?
    5) The 1.4.5 update will arrive soon with major updates and fixes? Should i wait?
    6) Any plans for HDR->SDR for non HDR eqquipment?

    Sorry for the questions, but i was a bit confuzed when i read all the rom and application updates.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS. Please fix the combos in the title... :)
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