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Discussion in 'other' started by natebizzle, Oct 24, 2017.

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    I have the V6 which I am using on the X7 in replace of the IR remote that came with it. The thing I am having trouble with is the V6 switching between air mouse mode and just a normal remote button navigation.

    The IR remote that came with the box displays a message when you click the mouse button, the first one says "Enter into mouse mode, click again to quit" when you click again the message says "Restore to default button mode".

    The V6 doesn't work the same way, the mouse button takes you from air mouse mode to the mouse mode that the IR remote has, there are no messages that are displayed when you click the mouse button on the V6, and the only way I can make it work like a normal button remote again is to use the IR remotes mouse button to switch the function first.

    What am I doing wrong? Why doesn't the V6 mouse button work the same way that the IR remote does? It seem useless for the V6 to mimic the mouse mode of the IR remote rather than just having air mouse mode and normal button mode. :(o_O
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    No updates from any developers?

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