Zidoo UHD3000 and NFS Vs. SMB with 3D ISOs and JVC NX9B/RS3000

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    as subject states:

    Anyone out there experiencing issues with the UHD3000 or any rt1619 series zidoo media player and a JVC NX series projector. ( Using Markswift2003 settings) with exception to Frame rate / resolution is set to change as needed due to 3D requirements and UHD requirements.

    With NFS and ISO , Goes to blank screen
    With NFS and MVC or 3D MKV it plays fine
    With SMB and ISO is plays normal as well
    With SMB and MVC or 3D MKV it plays fine as well.

    Test media: Valerian and City of a Thousand Planets (2017). My friend says it does it on all 3D isos though.
    He is streaming from a Synology ds1821+ (Newest Model) DSM 6.x

    I have a similar setup but not using a projector and using an oled 3d model from LG, with DS3615XS , and a Z9X.

    what could be causing a stream to freeze for him for a second or two , but only on 3d titles not on UHD. I believe he has decent hdmi cables and uses the AVM60 Anthem processor. I have no explanation if he is using certified cables. The projector is on FW 3.5 from JVC as well.

    again the video just freezes on 3D titles for a few seconds but not UHD or BD as far as I am aware.

    we tested a 3D MKV made from the image as well as changing to SMB source in HT4.0.

    Interested to see if any other similar issues exist out there. Personally I switched to NFS years ago and never looked back. Easier for my Oppo and clones as well as well as shield and even appletv. Just works in my case.
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    Is your friend accessing the Synology NAS via Ethernet or Wi-Fi? My set-up is somewhat similar (Zidoo z9x, Synology DS418, JVC NX7). I found my Wi-Fi signal to be less than robust and added Ethernet. With both active on the Zidoo, I noted via my ethernet switch that the signal dropped to 100mb/s. When I disabled WiFi on the Zidoo, the signal via ethernet was 1gb. Prior to disconnecting Wi-Fi, I had video stutters and audio dropouts on 4K videos. I'm using Samba (SMB) rather than NFS. HDMI cables are good, and the JVC projector is on FW 3.52. ...just a thought.
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    I will ask more specific of firmware. As far as I know wifi is disabled on the zidoo. I will check on that. It should be on gigabit unless there is something up with his switch or ethernet. Thanks for chiming in. I will report back on that.

    Synology and Zidoo confirmed on gigabit ethernet. I had concerns that perhaps wifi was on on the zidoo , not sure on that just yet. But it is definately connecting at the router via gigabit as is the NAS. There is no switch, and it is a newer asus router with Merlin firmware , nothing new for me, I have used it for years! Something is causing a studder for a few seconds for both audio aand video only on 3D ISO image. So far 3d mkv cures it as does SMB vs NFS on 3d-iso. We have factory reset the UHD30000 as well and are on 6.3.12 but its been doing it since 6.3.0
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