Zidoo thank you for providing firmware update with UDISK for this box

Discussion in 'ZIDOO H6 Pro' started by Kris, May 11, 2018.

  1. Kris

    Kris Member

    some boxes only allow firmware updates by connecting box to windows computer. i don't have a computer so doing update by UDISK is much easier. my two sisters each buy H6 Pro and it is easy for them to update to. i will love to buy your new products if they are updated by UDISK

    H6 Pro works great for me. i use it every day for IPTV, Kodi, Terrarium tv, youtube, gaming and internet browsing. i don't have any negative issues. i don't use 4k tv or home theatre audio system so maybe there are issues related to those areas

    anyway, thank u for great box and hopefully issues others are having are solved in new update
  2. Marco Aimone

    Marco Aimone Member

    Can you explain how Kodi is "great for you" ? what do you mean exactly ?
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  3. wooolf

    wooolf Active Member

    kris mentionned before he was using kodi in 1080p
  4. dikonomi

    dikonomi Member

    The first or second update was over-the-air, so even better, no need for USB at all. I also use H6 for watching movies on Kodi (1080/720) + some other applications, and sports on other apps and they all work great. My son use to play some races, but now he prefers our phones for that, so no more games. So far everything is OK

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