Zidoo Neo S connection for Roon and UHD rip

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    i just bought a Neo S i have some issue a can't solve,
    i use HDMI arc connection to my Marantz Cinema 50 AVR on "Media Player" INPUT,
    no issue for playing Bluray rip, i have video + audio through HDMI
    but when i try to use the Neo S for music i want to have the analog output used (i don't play local music but use ROON and the Neo S as an endoint),
    i have the RCA output plugged to my Marrantz on the same channel i use for video, but i don't have analog sound output, HDMI is used,
    the only turnaround i found is to use another INPUT on the Marantz like AUX1, change the INPUT on the Marantz to play analog music, not very convenient...
    Also another issue for me is that the analog output is not permanent, i need to put the DAC option to 'internal player', and i feel like there is not auto switching capability, this is a bit annoying, morover when i turn on the DAC the hdmi sound output is stopped.

    What i would like to have is configure the Marantz to use a single INPUT on the Marantz and have either video+audio through HDMI for bluray rip and when i use Neo for music have automatically the analog output used. Is it possible ? What am i doing something wrong ?

    Last issue is that i can't wake the Neo from sleep from Roon APP, as it would work with a chromecast device, i need to turn it on first, this is a bit anoying too

    Thanks for your ligths

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