Zidoo NEO S - Audio output

Discussion in 'other' started by Frluga, Apr 7, 2022.

  1. Frluga

    Frluga New Member

    I have a Zidoo NEO S.
    The Neo S is connected via Coax to an external DAC.
    Everything works fine.
    I connected via Bluetooth my phone and tried to play a video.
    It seems that it works fine, but there is no sound :s
    So, if you play media via Bluetooth, the coax out doesn't give any out signal???
    I'm missing some setting to do that?
    The sound, using the internal DAC, works fine.
    Is there any way to solve/set this thing?
    The same thing happens when I connect the phone via Bluetooth and use only as audio out. With the phone audio player and the NEO S is used as audio out, on the phone.
    Thanks for any advice.

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