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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X5' started by xCape, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. xCape

    xCape New Member

    Here are some FULL functional translations screenshots.
    If someone interested in partecipate/test contact me (I don't know if this is a kind of copyright infringment so I do NOT post any apk here)

    ps. root needed
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    more to come..
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  2. xCape

    xCape New Member

    Why not.. A proof of concept for a Reskin
    ps. ZIUI, File manager, cleaner, weather, boot animation & co. imported from Zidoo x9s firmware 1.2.4 (october 2016)
  3. gieffe1971

    gieffe1971 New Member

    I'm here... :)
  4. xCape

    xCape New Member

    Hi, there..
    @gieffe1971 tester, grafico o "aiuto traduzione"?
    I'm preparing the zip with all apk's (I will send you by message)
    Just remember thet:
    - You must ROOT the device (with OneKeyRoot that you can find in x6's forum)
    - You must have a file explorer with ROOT enabled function (I use X-Plore filemanager)
    - Onec you have my apk's you must:
    1- Backup your original files
    2- Uninstall (if any) those system application update via SETTINGS>APPLICATION
    2a- Delete the files in directory (I will give you all the reference)
    3- Place my APK into those dir
    4- Reboot

  5. ducatiman1098

    ducatiman1098 New Member

    Anch'io sono interessato
  6. xCape

    xCape New Member

  7. muri

    muri New Member

    Ottimo lavoro xCape!
    Per caso è anche possibile modificare le app hardcoded nei tile di default?

  8. xCape

    xCape New Member

    usando la versione contenuta nel firmware per x9 1.2.7 (che sto finiendo) si, è possibile. Puoi variare Kodi, Explorer, browser e impostazioni con cio' che vuoi
  9. muri

    muri New Member

    Ottimo, è il più grosso limite del launcher dell'X5 (che comunque è ottimo rispetto a quanto ho visto su altri box cinesi).
    Quando hai finito mi fai sapere?

    Grazie e buon lavoro!
  10. xCape

    xCape New Member

    Per chi volesse, lascio il mio Tele gram: @xCape
  11. muri

    muri New Member


    Volevo sapere se hai poi finito il porting del firmware x9 su x5.

  12. xCape

    xCape New Member

    Sorry but the lacks of official system upgrades (just ONE since I bought it, past year) and the continuos upgrades of x9, x9pro on the other side lead me to getting rid of this miscarriage.

    Just see here how much effort has been profused in X5 manteinance!!
    How can be a customer be happy with that??!?

    I am really hungry with all staff (@spring, @HaoSs... ) and Zidoo.
    We bought a (not-so-cheap) box believing in you vision but as for now x5 isn't supported even on website's page.
    I am spreading the word through forums, my blog/website to NOT buy this kind of stuff. You will have a paperholder after one year from buying
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