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Discussion in 'ZIDOO H6 Pro' started by T01, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. T01

    T01 New Member

    I recently bought this box for around $100 on Geek buying and I was excited but after trying it out, there seems to a bunch of problems.

    With the original firmware 1.0.11, :

    [1]. I couldn't lower or turn up volume while media was playing
    , youtube netflix and vlc.
    {**Fixed in Firmware Update 1.0.13**}

    [2]. The Zui Zidoo Launcher I can't remove or change the tiles below the very big ones. Please make the launcher more customizable. Let us change the big ones and the middle ones too.

    Then I updated to firmware 1.0.13, then I had new problems.

    [1]. My Air Mouse Cursor stutter/ jumps around when I open up any app like youtube, netflix...

    [2]. Google Play Store with Firmware Update 1.0.13 : when you search for app like "vlc" it just continues to search and never finds it.
    {**Fixed by clearing app data and cache**}

    [3]. Sometimes Apps hang, and show error box "wait or close" message box and I cant click close or wait. Its a problem then I have to unplug from power.

    [4]. TV Launcher App(3rd party app) particularly on H6 Pro has a few problems which it doesn't have on a 912 android box :
    1. Main Screen doesn't update to show changes when adding or removing apps on the launcher to the main screen. Then I have to kill task launcher and then restart.. not good.

    [5.] VLC Player now only shows Android UI after updating to 1.0.13. Event uninstall and reinstall doesn't fix this.
    {**Fixed with an older version of VLC**}

    I am not happy... Please fix these issues.
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  2. chengman

    chengman New Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group

    hello,Thank you very much for your feedback。
    And,with firmware 1.0.11:
    1.This issue has been fixed on version 1.0.13
    2.We don't currently support this feature

    with firmware 1.0.13:
    1.Whether the air mouse battery has no power, please change the battery to try
    2.I can search for "VLC", is it network reason?
    3.Exactly which application will present this problem
    4.Click here to delete or add applications. Does the main screen not update?
    5.What does it mean to "only show Android UI" ,Can't you open use it?
  3. it does the search problem for me too
  4. dikonomi

    dikonomi Member

    #4 T01 means the icons right under the big ones and above your rectangle, TED, Youtube, Amazon. It would be nice if those could be customizable, also the big ones to be smaller.
  5. Ayokoya

    Ayokoya Member

    I have a F10-Pro Air mouse with USB dongle, no issue with youtube, and no search issue with google-play. However, I did a box reset after FW upgrade.

    Is you air mouse Bluetooth based? If so, try move really closer to the box.
  6. rorocorti

    rorocorti New Member


    I'm using 1.0.13 and i had also the GOOGLE PLAY SEARCH problem (never find anything):

    -> problem solved by going in the settings android/parameters/application/google play + erase data/restore default parameters.

  7. Ayokoya

    Ayokoya Member

    Good man!! You did a surgical reset to solve google-play search problem, what I did was to sledge hammer the whole thing
  8. voblin

    voblin New Member

    Good afternoon!
    How to replace these tiles with applications?
    Or to delete and to make two rows of applications?
  9. my searches still dont pick up what my phone does its weird

    thank god for aptoide
  10. T01

    T01 New Member

    Thank you for replying.

    [1]. I changed the batteries, but the air mouse stutters when I open up any app like say YouTube or Firefox. On the Main screen the air mouse cursor is smooth, but when I open up any app like play store or browsing, the black mouse cursor jumps around.
    [2]. I'll try clearing google play-store cache and data and then I'll let you know the result.
    [3-4]. I was referring to TV Launcher (third party)and I forgot the other app that hangs. But the issue is regardless is that when any app hangs, the foreground error pop up message to "wait or close" comes up, and I cant select any of the option so that means I get locked out. But if i press home button on remote controller i can see in the darkened background the main screen doing stuff.
    [5]. VLC has in settings two user interface option. In VLC settings you can force to user Android Interface which looks more like youtube for android tv interface. So the problem is that.. with the new firmware, it auto goes into androidtv interface even with vlc setting to off.

    And also please as a request, can you guys allow us to edit the ZiUI middle tiles/banners/buttons like Netflix IMDb and TED, i want to remove a few of them that I don't use. And unify the size of both the lower tiles that we can customize to the same size as the middle titles.
  11. chengman

    chengman New Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group

    If you don't like the middle button , you can do this: QuickSettings-->Display-->close 'Use Featured Data' ,and then the middle button will disappear.
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  12. Kris

    Kris Member

    i get the pop up message to "wait or close" all the time for many apps to
  13. alkoodic

    alkoodic New Member

    Hi, same problem with wait or close apps error, the search engine of google play does not work correctly, I changed the password of my google account and when trying to update it in the options it does not let me edit it, having deleted it and now it does not let me add any new account...is there any solution other than resetting the device?

    I hope they are fixed with an upcoming update, Thanks!!
  14. T01

    T01 New Member

    Thank you for that. I was wondering what that was. Now thanks to you I can turn those off.
  15. chengman

    chengman New Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group

    This is the application of network push, and if you don't need these push apps, you can turn it off。Thank you。:):)
  16. mitchell4you

    mitchell4you Member

    1.Google play search
    2.Netflix from Google play, first run : error -13 not supported device
    * note the Home icons : hulu/prime/Netflix disapeard before I could use them
    3. My5 app : ads play then : Your device does not have the required hardware decoder(s) to play file
    * works great on my other android boxes
    4. from watching vids using MCE to running kodi 17.6 : unresponsive ziddoo Taurus then kodi
    * best to reboot when switching between two
    5.don't know if this a bug..but I think so.. IYTBD ( YouTube app from XDA) with force VP9 enabled : black screen
    6. These unresponsive popups.. you get so many and Noway past them
    * like when running kodi and installing repo' s
    * opera beta on any site
    *Google play search (that doesn't work)

    further function
    I really wish YouTube HDR would work (that's why I tryed force vp9 )

    I'm running 1.0.13
    and regretting buying this unit.. ( currently)
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  17. T01

    T01 New Member

    My air mouse stutter issue is still persistent, on main screen it is smooth, but when an app launcher it becomes jumpy. it skips around and flashes.
  18. Ayokoya

    Ayokoya Member

    I have two air mouse based on USB dongle interface, no issue in terms of usage other than could have been better design.

    The F10-Pro is over 2 years old, good gyro mouse usage, but numeric keys are function shared.

    The Rii is a game style air mouse with touch pad that full swipe across the pad only moves the cursor across 15% of TV screen, I need a wide screen mouse, not a tunnel mouse. Also, no menu key, so I'll relegate it to Windows PC that can set it to wide screen mouse. I'll appreciate it if someone can tell me where in the android box I can change the mouse cursor setting.

    Air mouse are really cheap and easy to use, and I can use a few more in the house, so more trial and error in finding the right one.
  19. T01

    T01 New Member

    I guess I'll have to buy a different one. However there shouldn't be any reason why my current one behaves that way and strange thing is that it only stutters with ziddo h6 pro.
  20. 720p

    720p Member Beta test group

    T01, my mouse (a logitech) is working just for several seconds when I'm connecting it to the left side of unit (on usb 2.0)
    If I'm connecting it to the right hand, on USB 3.0, the mouse is just fine.. I guess the system is got giving enough power to the USB 2.0 ports

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