Zidoo gives no bass in 7.1 and sound cracks or interups

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X10' started by siamsquare, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. siamsquare

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    Been using my Zidoo X10 on the fw 1.4.12 as a secondary player only attached to my tv.
    Today I just bought a 4K beamer from JVC and moved the player to the projection room.
    Wanted to test some 4K movies that are on my server.
    Picture quality is perfect but sound is awful... sometimes I get harsch cracks or skips in the sound and when it does work no bass comes out of the sub.
    Any1 got any ideas?
    I use a Arcam AVR850 also on the latest firmware.

  2. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    need more info. what you use to extract sound from the box. what settings you have for sound. ( pictures/video is also good) etc. we don't have time to google all AVR's to see whats what.
  3. siamsquare

    siamsquare New Member Beta test group

    Everything is set to AUTO in the Zidoo player and in Kodi (17.4) audio set to passthrough. I'm getting 2160p on my beamer (see picture)
    I will try to put the files first on a internal hdd and test if it works better, maybe I don't have enough throughput on my gigabit network.....there are 2 switches between the server and Zidoo. Or will try to connect the server directly to switch with the Zidoo...dunno just to rule out network problems.

  4. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    try zidoo media center ) make sure hdmi/spdif is set to RAW.
  5. MicleCh

    MicleCh New Member

    You may try NFS. SMB has problem.
    My expirience - playing SMB 3D movies through PowerLine 900КBs, NFS 10.5 MBs, WiFi (SMB same, 950KB), NFS 15.5 MBs
    Non 3D has less problem.

    max speed data from NAS on playing Firth Element 4K Atmos (not usable of course, bitrate too high)
    min speed also from NAS :) on playing any 3D movies

    HDMI cable is impotant. I am had two problem: cable, and SMB.
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  6. siamsquare

    siamsquare New Member Beta test group

    Well I am not home at the moment , will try to test further on Tuesday.
    But will check if hdmi/spdif is set to raw. Already using NFS.My network is wired. Between the server and the Zidoo there are 3 gigabit switches. I'm using Cat-6 cable everywhere but I suspect the inwall wires to be CAT-5e. But untill now never had problems streaming untouched BD or 3DBD. So will try to attach the server directly on the switch with the Zidoo just to rule out network problems. I'm using the supplied hdmi cable between the Zidoo and the avr and a new fibre hdmi cable between the avr and the beamer. As I said the picture is fluent.
    Will share my findings later!
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  7. siamsquare

    siamsquare New Member Beta test group

    Well did some testing today. Used the internal player and it plays most movies just fine. Only had little audio drops with The Martian in mkv. So seems to be an issue in ZDMC!
  8. siamsquare

    siamsquare New Member Beta test group

    After further testing , same issues came back even with the internal player! But a 1080p movie with Atmos played just fine..could be bandwith problem....
  9. siamsquare

    siamsquare New Member Beta test group

    Seems to HDMI cable problem...X10 supplied cable didn't work well enough, still had an older high quality HDMI cable from Monster laying around and the problem is solved!
    No more audio drops or cracks in the speakers!
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