Zidoo can't play No Time to Die full MKV rip

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by Enet, Nov 6, 2022.

  1. Enet

    Enet Active Member

    I have a Zidoo z1000 and it won't play my full 4k MKV rip of No Time to Die. I downloaded another full 4k MKV copy to see if the issue was my rip but the same thing happened. When I hit play it flashes for a second like it's going to do something then it does nothing. The media info specs look identical to Skyfall.
  2. Netmask

    Netmask Active Member

    Post a MediaInfo report (text mode). Maybe if you make a remux via mkvtoolnix it will reveal any errors in the original.
  3. Enet

    Enet Active Member

    Thanks but the downloaded copy was a remux so it's unlikely to make any difference. Mediainfo file attached.

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  4. AngryVirginian

    AngryVirginian Active Member

    The MKV does not have the compatibility DD audio track for the TrueHD Atmos audio track. What audio devices are you using?
  5. Enet

    Enet Active Member

    I never include that because I don't need it. All of my 4k discs are ripped without the core track with no issues. Plus as I said above, I have downloaded a separate remuxed 4k copy (with the core track) and the same thing happens.
  6. Netmask

    Netmask Active Member

    What A/V do you have?
  7. Enet

    Enet Active Member

    Not sure what your question means. But anyway after the comments from @AngryVirginian, had another look at the remux and it looks like I removed the core audio from that one as well so recopied with core track and now it works. Which is weird because I've got over hundred Dolby Vision 4K discs and another couple hundred 4K discs ripped in exactly the same way and they all play on the Zidoo except this one. Of course my Shield and my PC play just about everything so maybe I just got used to their flexibility.

    Thanks again @AngryVirginian.
  8. Denishuat

    Denishuat New Member

    It's because the Zidoo Z1000, doesn't like how does the movie end.
    Seriously try to recode it like describe it Enet, may be try with defferent MKV tools software.
    I remember to have see in some other forums the same problem with this film.
    May be the problem comes from the original transfer before the bluray , or some digital protection!
  9. Enet

    Enet Active Member

    As I said, I already downloaded a reencode and had the same problem. The issue is that I never rip the core audio, just the Atmos/DTS:x track and the Zidoo cant play this file without it even though my Shield and PC can. The Zidoo also plays every other file without core audio without any issues.

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