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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X8' started by Damac10, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. Damac10

    Damac10 New Member

    Good day . I am a new owner of Zidoo X8. Have googled the web but no good answers. I have many Android 6 and 7 devices but have never had this problem. When you insert SD card box does not ask if you want to browse or format as internal storage. In the storgae options there option to format buyt only as external sd.

    How is it possible that a 'high' end Android box with android 6 does not have unified storage working when it was the main feature of android 6. How did you break this feature 20 dollar boxes have Zidoo?
  2. Damac10

    Damac10 New Member

    Hi would appreciate ac simple message from Zidoo support regarding unified storage on Zidoo X8. I have posted on your Facebook group and here. No answer just silence.
    Please advise why unified storage is not working on Android 6...
  3. bob

    bob Active Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Do you want to format Flash?
  4. Damac10

    Damac10 New Member

    Hi Bob. On all Android 6 Devices when you insert SD card it ask you do you want to use as External storage or Internal Storage for Apps. This does not happen on Zidoo X8 . You only get option to format as External storage. This is bad as you cannot use external storage to install applications. As device has 4gb free this means very few apps can be installed. Android 6 brought us Unified Storage or use SD card as Internal storage. This means unlimited storage for applications. Zidoo only Android 6 box cannot do this.
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  5. Juanish

    Juanish New Member

    Well, when I put a sdcard I got the option to format at internal storage,but dont works, when the process finish, the sd card is in removable memory mode.

    Its possible format as internal storage or not??
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  6. Ekul

    Ekul Active Member

    I have it working, not easy but this is how i did it.

    Remove all partitions from sd card, so its completely unallocated (with minitool for ex).
    Flash box to original 1.2.6 image, and dont upgrade.
    Turn off box en remove usb stich with image. (so nothing attached)
    Turn box back on and dont run settings or upgrade.
    Insert sd card and go directly to settings.
    Go to usb / storage and click on bottom , tells unsupported sd card and run it as internal.
    Ignore speed errors, if you dont see the card unplug and insert again until you see it. (sometimes 3x ?)
    For asking to transfer files say also yes ! ( so kodi can use it)
    Wait until finished en reboot.
    Now its part of the total memory !
    Upgrade throught ota en then to desired firmware.
    Do not run factory settings or sd card will be lost again.!

    Good luck.
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  7. Juanish

    Juanish New Member

    A lot of thanks!! works perfectly! now I have 64gb of internal memory by sd card.
    The format tool in firmware 1.4.12 is clearly bugged, but with the 1.2.6 the format works great.

    You should create a post with this solution, a lot of people will be gratefull.

    Thanks again!
  8. dft601

    dft601 New Member

    Hi, would also try..... But I am to blind to find a full Image 1.2.6 ? Can you give me a link please ?


    Edit found here:

    on newest website there is only full image for 1.14.12

    Edit 2: Post #6 is the working solution... downgraded , formatet as internal memory and upgraded again...
    Thanks !
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