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Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1295)' started by antrudi, May 15, 2022.

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    Hola muy buenas me presento,dispongo de un ziddo x 20 y estoy con un problema con el que no intento resolver,resulta que actualice a la ultima version 2,3,88 antes tenia la version 2,3,35 donde todo iba muy bien,en esta ultima version de buenas a primeras se quedo la pantalla en el logo de ZIDDO y no avanzaba imposible volvi a intentar a meter la 2,3,35 y imposible,solo he podido restaurar la room con un archivo tipo de imagen aqui en ziddo que es la version 1,2,2o creo con el android 6.01,hay todo perfecto,algun contenido no me reproduce por la version muy antigua,ahora me bajo a 2.3.35 y actualizo localmente y si todo perfecto hasta que sale el logo de ziddo y se queda bloqueado no avanza me tiene deseperado,a ver si podeis echar una ayuda,o hay que buscar el archivo 2.3.35 en formato de imagen para hacerle eun reset pulsando boton R y encendido a la vez,no se estoy perdido,lo dicho no se si os pasado lo mismo y habeis podido solucionarlo, a ver como se realiza saludos......
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    Hello, very good, I introduce myself, I have a ziddo x 20 and I have a problem that I am not trying to solve, it turns out that I updated to the latest version 2,3,88 before I had version 2,3,35 where everything went very well In this latest version, right off the bat, the screen stayed on the ZIDDO logo and it didn't make any progress. I tried again to insert 2,3,35 and it was impossible. I was only able to restore the room with an image type file here on ziddo which is version 1,2,2 or I think with android 6.01, everything is perfect, some content does not play for me because of the very old version, now I go down to 2.3.35 and update locally and everything is perfect until the logo appears from ziddo and it stays blocked, it does not advance, it makes me desperate, to see if you can help, or you have to look for the 2.3.35 file in image format to make it a reset by pressing the R button and turning it on at the same time, I'm not lost , what I said, I don't know if the same thing happened to you and you have been able to solve it, let's see how it is done, greetings...

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