ZDMC won't display titles saved as .iso with .nfo data, but can from ZDMC File manager

Discussion in 'ZDMC for Zidoo' started by Paul FRASER, Jan 17, 2022.

  1. Paul FRASER

    Paul FRASER New Member

    (And yes I know ZDMC is a “dead end” and does not offer Blu-ray menu support and HT is the way of the future... but for now for the sake of “domestic harmony” I’d like to keep all my media players on the same interface.)

    I have been using Kodi for years, with all media on a QNAP NAS with appropriate .nfos. This all works fine with Fire TV 4K Sticks and Windows PCs.

    However, on my new Z9X ripped Movies, TV shows etc all work fine but I have a weird issue with .iso files.

    To be clear this all works fine in Kodi on other systems and not cause by the NAS .

    I have many DVDs that I've copied as .isos (usually because it’s music and I want the DVD’s menu driven access to setlists).

    However regardless of whether they are on my NAS or on a directly attached USB drive these .isos can’t be played/accessed from the main interface of ZDMC. They are not visible from the menu, i.e. the .nfo information for .isos doesn’t populate the Title List. E.g. of 6 titles in folders with .nfos on the USB, (3 as isos, 3 as mkvs) only the 3 movies that are mkvs show in the Title list.

    The 3 iso files are there in their folders with .nfos and all 3 are visible from the file explorer within ZDMC.

    I've tried files on direct USB and networked NAS, no difference so it's not a permissions error, and couldn’t be since they show up in the file system in both locations. I can play the .isos with menu support if I access it from the file system within ZDMC, (tedious)...

    I’ve deleted the entire database and started again, no difference.

    Had this problem out of the box, then upgraded the firmware on the Z9X to 6.3.41 which made no difference and am now on Beta v6.3.6, still no difference.

    I can’t see any references to similar issues anywhere so I hope someone has a bright idea, or that once again I've missed something obvious...

  2. LarryZ

    LarryZ Member

    Have you tried to add the movies manually to the library? It seems that ZDMC has a problem recognizing the movie.
  3. Paul FRASER

    Paul FRASER New Member

    Larry, thanks for taking the time to reply but I'm not sure what you mean by adding the movies manually? Do you mean edit the sql database? or manually create .nfos.

    Unfortunately I don't think either are a solution, but this did set me down a path of trying to see if the files and associated .nfos were indeed correct, and thus populated the sql database correctly.

    Short answer. The files are correct nd will play, and the .nfos are correct, as I said they do populate a PC based version of Kodi correctly. But they do not populate the XDMC database correctly, all .iso files are missing. Copying the sql video database from PC to Zidoo sort of worked, but not enough to be an answer.

    The steps I went through are detailed below.

    Using a USB drive with 3 iso based movies and 3 mkv based movies I cleaned the databases on the PC version of Kodi and the Zidoo version. So we have exactly the same media, the same .nfos on a USB drive being swapped between a windows based Kodi and a Zidoo based ZDMC.

    On the PC we see 6 movies, 3 as iso and 3 as mkv


    on the Zidoo Z9X we only see 3 movies, just the MKVs


    Looking at the SQL database myVideos116 which stores all the data they are different.

    on Kodi there are 6 entries
    on Zidoo there are 3


    So I copied the PC Kodi Database to the ZIDOO z9X, effectively replacing the existing 3 entry database with the 6 entry database..

    and everything showed up..


    You can access the iso files from the ZDMC file manager and play them with either the default video player or the zidoo player, but this is a million miles from what I want.
    They wont display r play form the main interface, though there are place markers and you can pull up the information panel and it will display the file, either the .mkv or the .iso. but I have zero sql skills so it may be that just copying one database was insufficient, but I don't plan to go ahead on this basis, just to prove that its a database issue.

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  4. LarryZ

    LarryZ Member

    You can browse your video sources in Kodi. There you will have a directory listing with all files regardless if Kodi has scanned it to the database or not. I don't mean the file manager.
    You will find it in Kodi under Settings -> Media -> Library. On the right side click on "Videos..."
    There you see all known sources. When you browse your video sources look for the missing iso. Select it and choose "Scan to library" from the context menu. This is what i meant adding the videos manually to the library.
    You can also add every directory to your favorites, so you have a quick access from the main interface.

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