ZDMC test file for smooth playback 4K HEVC 10bit

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  1. Adl

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    Please test this file to see if ZDMC playback is smooth with 4k HEVC 10bit

    This can be downloaded from : http://demo-uhd3d.com/files/uhd4k/Astra-SES_Demo_UHD_satellite_end-of-2015.mkv

    1. at startup playback should be smooth without frames : buildings, birds and no tearing and shutter.
    2. next sky should be smooth
    3. at 00:55 - antenna should move smooth.
    4. at 01:43 - plane and building movement should be smooth

    Next file : Astra.SES.Demo.HEVC.ts
    1. at 0:30 train movement should be smooth.

    I tested these files on Nvidia Shield tv with 16.1 kodi and is smooth.
    I tested these files on Zidoo X1 II and:
    - startup playack for first file is no smooth, is shuttering - not OK
    - antena movement is OK
    - plane building movement is no so smooth but low shuttering

    Next file : 0:30 - train movement is smooth.

    VP9 30fps and 60fps are decoded ok, and playback is smooth on nvidia shield (amc-vp9 codec is used)
    On zidoo X1 II ff-vp9 is used for both 30fps and 60fps. I expected that for 30fps rockchip codec to be used, since this device and this chip support VP9 30fps.
  2. HoneCharles

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    Sorry,ZDMC on Zidoo_x6 pro is not support hevc 10bit

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