ZDMC release(base on kodi16.1.1) fix aspect problem---updated by 20160620

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    23.976fps videos' pass-through audio also get out of sync after 6 minutes.
    Will this ever get fixed?

    So there are 4 problems currently:
    1. 23.976fps videos' pass-through audio get out of sync after a few minutes and there is a slight stutter every 40 seconds.
    2. Incorrect aspect ratios on ultra-wide 4K tv's, on 1080p tv's it's fine
    3. mpeg1/2 videos don't work, just quits
    4. Tvheadend that use mpeg2 just shows a black screen with audio playing.
    H264 1080i interlaced video streams also show a black screen in tvheadend and just audio plays.
    Local H264 1080i interlaced videos have no deinterlace support on RKCodec and thus videos look very blurry and not watchable. These videos pay fine with Mediacodec that has deinterlacing support.
    A way must be added so all PVR addons stream with Mediacodec while normal addons and local video still play with RKCodec.
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