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    I'm sorry just noticed that I wrote XMBC instead of ZDMC......

    is it possible to change the installation directory of ZDMC on an internal HDD (Z1000) or external usb stick/hdd (X9S, Z1000)?

    If this is not possible then is it possible to save just the movie/scrape information in a different directory?

    I ask you this as I have a big library and other apps and have run out of space in the on-board memory. Actually ZDMC will hang and stop responding when there's less than 5/600 Mb available. Tested, as soon as I delete files from the library and free up memory it works fine again.

    Thank you all and stay home.....
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  2. deMARC

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    YES. It's possible.
    In fact this is how I have it working.
    For this you need to create an XML script called "advancedsettings.xml" in the ZDMC "userdata" folder specifying the path where you want the data to be written.
    There are many tutorials on the internet to create this script but it could look something like this:


    Where "/sdcard1/ZDMC_thumbnails/" is the folder path where the data will be stored (don't forget to create it before).

    Greetings (and excuse my bad English).

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