ZDMC - Aeon MQ8 - Firm 2.3.10

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    hello everyone,
    i installed the aeon mq8 skin on zdmc. This skin is perfect for the family but once in ten, aeon this resets at startup and I lose all my settings.

    Do you have an idea ?
  2. Bladerunner

    Bladerunner New Member

    A little bit late, but I also use the MQ8 skin on ZDMC.

    I had the same problem 2 weeks ago, that MQ8 lose all the settings/customizings. This happens luckily only once.
    Within in the MQ8 settings is a skin backup function. So, if you lose your settings/customizings you can import/load the backup file.

    MQ8 works very stable on my Zidoo z1000 Pro. But it's slow on Zidoo then scrolling/running through the menu items.
    Naturally it is known, that the MQ8 skin is very heavy with all his functions. But on Zidoo the skin works in comparison to
    other platforms really slow.

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