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  1. Teddyknuddel

    Teddyknuddel New Member

    As Kodi 18 has been released, is it plan to release a new ZDMC based on Kodi 18 ?
    If yes when the deployment will be planned ?
  2. Nicolae Tuns

    Nicolae Tuns New Member

    I would also like to know when we can expect a ZDMC based on Kodi 18 :)
  3. judocama

    judocama New Member

    Me too. Thanks in advance.
  4. dorszes

    dorszes Member

    hi Guys,

    Sorry for silly question, but it bothers me for some time now.

    What's the point to use ZDMC instead of clean kodi?

    I know, that ZDMC is a fork of Kodi for better performance.

    But, to be fair. Do You guys see any differences between these two?


  5. Teddyknuddel

    Teddyknuddel New Member

    For Kodi you have to make a root on the box, if you want to use the Zidooplayer as an external player.

    With Kodi you need a wrapper to play ISOs. All this is not necessary with ZDMC. Since you can set the external player directly in the control panel.

    The only downside of ZDMC is actually that some skins do not run clean, or can not be installed at all.

    With the internal player of Kodi as of ZDMC itself jerky video files only. This has not solved Kodi yet clean.
  6. TEAfest

    TEAfest Member

    So I did not understand will ZDMC update to KODI version 18 or not?
  7. Efthyvoulos

    Efthyvoulos New Member

    I have 3 X9S.
    On all of them Kodi 18 is not working. The program is closing at once.
    Kodi 17.6 is working O.K.
    But unfortunately Kodi 17.6 upgrades to Kodi 18 by it's self without asking.
    So it is impossible to stay on Kodi 17.6 which is working.
    The result is that it is impossible to have Kodi working on Zidoo X9S
    I had correspondence with Zidoo Help and they promised to repair the problem
    for almost 2 months.
    This is totally unacceptable.
    They gave me ZDMC 18 and after 18,2 BUT they have both the same problem of Kodi 18 and 18,2
    as they are a copy of Kodi and have the same problem.
    This is the reason they did not publish ZDMC 18 yet officially.
    If Zidoo does not repair the Kodi 18 neither ZDMC 18 will work O.K. also.
  8. TEAfest

    TEAfest Member

    Thank you. At least someone answered.
  9. Efthyvoulos

    Efthyvoulos New Member

    It is a long time that there is problem of Kodi 18 to zidoo machines.
    Kodi 18 is not working ONLY on Zidoo machines. On other android machines and on windows there is no problem at all.
    I forced them to accept the problem and they at last accept the problem.
    It does not happen only on X9S but on the newest Z9s too.
    May be on others too.
    And I have to say that it takes hours to install each time Kodi 17.6 with all addons and settings.
    And with minutes Kodi 17.6 becomes 18 and the problem begin and it does not working.
    All the work to go back to 17.6 is lost.
    I did not know that HERE I can say the problem but now that I know I found the way
    to say it to all Zidoo users.
  10. TEAfest

    TEAfest Member

    Thank you very much. By the way, they have another problem that I described to them. They replied that they needed time.
  11. Efthyvoulos

    Efthyvoulos New Member

    What problem is that? May be I know it too.
  12. TEAfest

    TEAfest Member

    Setting the Transmission to download torrent files, but I have so much speed jumps from maximum to minimum that it is very annoying. There is no problem with the provider, since I have been downloading torrents on my PC.

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