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Discussion in 'ZDMC for Zidoo' started by leonkoum, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. X8fan

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    Thanks 3DBuff, my responses as follows:

    I have to say the Home Theater app is really the best player for playing Blu-ray or ISO movie files because it just works. But not really for TV episodes.

    Yes Zidoo player is supposed to pop up a "Start Over" or "Resume" dialog when restarting an In Progress show but on the latest firmware and 18.4, it only remembers the resume of the last show played. For example, if I stop Movie #1 at 20mins, even if I launch a new/different show, it will still show the resume at 20mins, even though Movie #2 may have a resume at 60mins, so this is really rendering the resume function useless both on ZDMC and Emby app.

    Zidoo team, can you please fix this??

    I wonder how much of this frame skipping and micro stutters depends on your display device or TV. Are you noticing them visually or using some kind of "counter" or "media stat" to show the dropped frames? Also, was this happening before or only on 18.4?
  2. 3DBuff

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    I see it visually and it bothers me a lot to the point that I can't focus on the movie just watching for the next skipped frame.
    I'm sure it will depend on the display type and size. Smaller older slow and blurry LCD displays set for 60Hz with 3:2 pulldown may not show it the same as large OLED with true 24fps film cadence.

    I have 65 OLED and 24fps is very pronounced from fast frame transitions and zero blur. Any skipped frame stands out a lot. Frame interpolation exaggerates the issue.

    The testing described in the posting with link below was based on ZDMC 17.6. If Kodi player is set for 60fps and does not follow 24fps film cadence the skip counter is not advancing but skipped frames are still there.
  3. X8fan

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    @3DBuff, thanks for the link, it seems we really can't have the best of both worlds yet, so we are down to 2 imperfect options:

    a) Use ZDMC/Kodi internal player for full feature set, updating resumes properly etc
    b) Use Zidoo external player for perfect video/audio but missing out basic features like remembering resume time for different files, not just the last played movie/show

    I really hope Zidoo team could fix this issue especially if we won't be getting proper support for ZDMC starting with 18.4

    One last hope, @3DBuff, do you know if the new Realtek 1296 on the current premium Zidoo boxes like Z9S has solved this issue? For this reason, I might upgrade to it from my current X8.
  4. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    I don’t think they can solve those issues. Nobody with Z9S reported good working Kodi Player. Realtek is not open source chipset and they are not going to spend the time on rewriting Kodi player for their hardware. They have their own Realtek/Zidoo player that supports most of the standards including 3D, HDR and Atmos audio. It’s not fully compatible with Kodi interface but probably not too big of a deal for them.
  5. X8fan

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    Have you considered the new nVidia Shield / Pro? It seems to have more solid support for native Kodi and it allows refresh rate changes even with apps like Emby.

    I don't think it supports 3D or blu-ray folders though. So I might have to end up with 2 devices:

    • Zidoo for "serious" watching of 3D and bluray with full menus
    • nVidia Shield/Pro for TV episodes, where multiple and accurate resumes are more critical especially in a household of multiple users
    It's a bit excessive but I can't think of a better solution especially if you think or the general consensus is that the Zidoo/Realtek team will not fix the Kodi internal player compatibility issues, sigh.. :(
  6. cNone

    cNone New Member

    18.4 doesnt mark watched episodes or movies. How can I fix it?
  7. nortonuser

    nortonuser New Member

    I have a backup created from kodi and my question is can I restore this backup to ZDMC ? Please.
  8. X8fan

    X8fan Member

    I believe if you use Internal Player, then it works properly, but internal player has weird stuttering issues during playback, see a few posts above
  9. Ekul

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    The Nvidia Shield is a way overrated and overpriced box.
    It has no support for 23.976 with netflix or disney+.
    Also kodi suffers from alot of frame dropping.
    Not to mention very bad firmwaresupport, read the forums
    for all the problems
    Its a gameconsole and not a mediaplayer.
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  10. ThomasP

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    Zidoo :eek:, wake up and deliver ZDMC 18.5!
  11. cNone

    cNone New Member

    From now on we have to have ZDMC 19 not 18.5. Because if we pressure developers to develop 18.5 they will release 18.5 after 19 released.

    BTW of course I have tried many other releases of kodi and zdmc with internal and external players. Current release build can't mark episodes as watched if you use any other player than (hideous) internal player. I have tried kodi 19 with mxplayer as external player on z10 and it ended the same. Kodi developers tend to force users to use internal player and this is very absurd. Never saw a player using the internal player successfully. I am looking for another fork or completely different solution for library purposes.
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  12. vman

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    Link not working. Anyone know where else I can download this.
    I tried Kodi Leia 18.6, but, it keeps crashing.
  13. bob79

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    Hello Vman, have a look at my post in this thread: "kodi 18.6 does not working on my X9S"
    Kodi Leia is working well, with steps I described and plays video without micro-stuttering which driving me crazy (my eyes hurt during watching) in ZDMC's internal player.
    Below you have a link to download ZDMC developed by Zidoo but believe me you will not want to use it, at least you can compare the micro-stuttering on it with Kodi leia where the picture is smooth, so way better: https://www.zidoo.tv/Support/release_apk.html
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  14. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    Can you define "ZDMC's internal player"? Is it Kodi player or Zidoo player?
    I'm still on ZDMC 17.6.1 and don't really have need to upgrade it. From my initial testing Kodi player on this version of ZDMC was one of the better ones.
    I don't use Kodi player and avoid it at any cause. The only thing that is forcing Kodi player are trailers in ZDMC. It does have micro-stutters. I don't know if Kodi Leia player is any better than ZDMC 17.6.1 Kodi player? Zidoo player is the same based on Zidoo firmware version.
  15. vman

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    Thank you! I followed your steps above. So far so good!
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  16. bob79

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    Hello, by "ZDMC's internal player" I meant Kodi player yes but somehow even the latest ZDMC 18.4 has micro stutterts, perhaps it is the effect of implementing the external HT2.0 option to ZDMC or the internal player was omitted by developers.
    ZDMC's external player is actually Zidoo's HT2.0 player which I use only if some DVD or BD menu's does not work on Kodi Leia.
    Kodi Leia's player is way better than ZDMC's at least there is no micro stuttering on screen, I did not experienced it on any Kodi which I used since 18.4, also it is able to show the original font styles of ASS/SSA subtitles formats.

    I heard there is a way of using xbmc-wrapper app (available on playstore) which makes possible of merging Kodi Leia and HT2.0, however I did not tried it yet.
  17. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    I don’t think you will ever get smooth playback with any Kodi player. Zidoo is based on Realtek chipset that doesn’t conform to open source promoted by Kodi foundation. Programming of video chip is limited to Realtek player used by Zidoo. Micro stutters and skipped frames will always be noticeable in Kodi player. Using Kodi player you can display decoder info and watch skip frame counter going up all the time. If you want native Kodi support you need different box. Zidoo player gives you 3D, 4K, HDR, Atmos sound, BD Menus and high speed NAS.
  18. smutel

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    Hello. Can I use zdmc-18.4_rtk-signed.apk with Zidoo X6 Pro ?
  19. smutel

    smutel New Member

    I have my answer ... ZDMC is crashing just after starting it :(
  20. angel vaca

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    Does 18.4 work on X5?

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